MBA programs

New Mexico Tech MEM
Peter C. Anselmo
Warren J. Ostergren
22 March 2006
Today’s Topics
• A Brief Overview of the Tech MEM
• Goals
• Offerings
• Implementation – how to apply now
• Serve Engineer and Applied Scientist
• Economic Development in New Mexico
• Fit with NMT Mission and Strategic Plan
Strategic Issues
• Quality Content
– Dedicated research faculty and support
• Quality Delivery
– Dedicated DE group, live courses,
student/participant interactions maximized
• Optimize the Challenge and Overall
Participant Experience
Program Design
• Patterned after existing Programs
– MIT, UM/Rolla, CSM
• Newer Programs
– UT/Austin, Stanford
• Similar to some Systems Engineering and
IE Programs
– USC, UVa
• New Program - UCSD
Key Features of NMT MEM
• Emphasis on Computation and Analysis
– NMT students expect to work
• Programming and Software Components
– EMGT 502 features VBA/Excel
• Systems Approach
– Curriculum content and view(s) of the firm
• Entrepreneurship Flavor
– Unstructured Problems
– We’re working on collaborations with UNM,
More Features
• Dedicated, Interdisciplinary Faculty
– Everybody but 1 in MGT Dept has
undergrad science and/or engineering degree
– Engineers, Computer Scientists also teaching
• Research Connection
– ICASA Currency Project
– Other faculty research projects
• 30 Credit Hours total
– 21 Core Hours
• Includes Capstone Org Entrepreneurship course
– 6 Hours of Electives
• Engineering electives actively encouraged
• 3-Hour Professional Project
– Workplace application preferred
– Professional paper and presentation
Remote Site Delivery
• We have a self-imposed limit of 4 Virtual
– Includes 2 in Albuquerque
• Quality delivery issue
• We can stream to anywhere with a
reasonable Net connection
• Tapes, DVDs available to anybody
Remote Site Delivery
• We teach each course live once per year –
at least
• We also offer asynchronous delivery
– Via nonlive stream
– In “nonlive” semesters during designated
times when instructors monitor the stream,
answer questions, and enable audio
Summer ’06 Offerings
• EMGT 503 (Core) – Information Systems
in Technology Organizations
• One elective course
• EMGT 581 (Elective) – Directed Study
• EMGT 590 (Core) – Final Project
Fall ‘06 Offerings
• Fall ’05 – begins the week of 21 August
– EMGT 501 – Mgt Science (Core)
– EMGT 502 – Financial Management (C)
– EMGT 506 – Managing Tech Resources (C)
– EMGT 571 – Microeconomics (E)
– EMGT 572 – New Product Development (E)
– Other Engineering Electives available from
other NMT Departments – Contact NMT
Distance Ed office (835 6908) for details
Location, Location
• TVI – Probably the Workforce Training
Center at Alameda and I25
• Our current Albuquerque virtual
classroom(s) location is next door at 901
University SE
– Plenty of Parking
– It’s working great
• Other options exist
• Differences between NMT MEM and a
• Content and Context are the two main
difference areas
Content Differences
• More Analytical – we do math and
modeling in many courses
• Modeling and Simulation focus
• 30 Hours vs 48 (or more)
• Project is a mini-thesis – not found in
many MBA programs
Context Differences
• Targeted Audience – people with
technical backgrounds moving into
managerial positions
• Focus on projects instead of teams,
though there are plenty of team projects
• Interdisciplinary faculty and focus
• Our working-engineer students are
happy with what they are getting out of
the program
• Our full-time population is too
• Students seeking employment are finding
excellent jobs in competition with people
from “top” MBA programs
• We are ready when you are
• Admission applications up to class day 1
• Information and paperwork from:
– Wendi Carrillo, [email protected],
505 835 6908
– Karen Chavez, NMT Graduate Office, 505
835 5513
• Apply as a Regular grad student
• Apply as a Special grad student
– Regular status application should be done
– This is for people who want to get started
right away
– Get admitted as a Regular before finishing
12 hours or having a total of 12 to transfer –
including courses taken as a “Special”.
Contact Information
• Program Info:
• Peter Anselmo – Mgt Dept Chair and Program
Director –
[email protected]; 505 835 5438
• Wendi Carrillo – [email protected]
• We think we have a very appropriate
program for our participants and their
respective organizations
• This type of program is the future – and
we are ready to team with you to advance
careers and the NM business climate.
Engineers and Applied Scientists
• We did a survey –
– Respondents indicated that a quality program that
could be done part-time was needed
• Responses to the program have ranged from
positive to very enthusiastic among employers,
current students, and alums
• Our program has a strong analytical flavor
Economic Development Issues
• Development of student cohorts that turn
into local professional networks
• Development of entrepreneurial focus
and critical business management skill
sets within technology workforce
• Provision of another professional
education alternative that will assist in
retention of quality employees