Research Proposal Muhammad Tahir

Research Proposal
Muhammad Tahir
: New Development Bank vs IMF
Research Questions
 Is
BRICS and its New Development Bank
challenge the IMF and US Hegemony?
 Who
are emerging economies in the world
and what impact on world for their
In this research I want to introduce a new fastest growing
group in shape of BRICS contains five emerging economies,
Brazil, Russia, India and China and South Africa.
Focusing on BRICS and its New Development Bank which
challenge the IMF and US Hegemony.
This study aims to explore and understand BRICS and U.S
capacity and determine is BRICS really in position to
challenge U.S and its mature system. Political scholars
observe this group as a real opponent of U.S and its
monetary system in shape of IMF, World Bank
The term BRICS was used for the first time in the Goldman Sachs
report 2003
BRICS is international political organization of leading emerging
BRICS became a new and promising political-diplomatic
BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, China, and South Africa
Basically Established on 16th June 2009
It is the fastest growing and emerging economics
BRICS is the international political organization of leading
emerging economies. Its five members are all developing
industrialized countries
Significance What, Why, How
I want to prove that this status of U.S is going to be
strongly challenged by BRICS countries and its
beginning is through BRICS New Development Bank
and now world is going ahead from uni to multi polar world.
This study will explore the causes which challenge U.S
hegemony. It will help students of Political Science and
I.R to understand the challenges have to face emerging
How: It’ll just happen through fastest growing economies
and their Bank which is openly challenging the IMF and
mutual strong cooperation among BRICS countries.
Conceptual Framework
this research I want to prove that world is
going to multipolar from unipolar and my
theoretical frame work is surrounding to uni to
multi polarity of the world.
Operational Difference
is comparisons between BRICS
and U.S and institutions. And logically
proved that only BRICS can challenge US
Literature review
 This
review provides a critical evaluation
of the literature produced on the BRICS
and its New Development bank format to
challenge against the hegemony of U.S. The
critique of selected literature focuses on the
BRICS policies, agenda and their rapid
development cause open challenge to U.S
and its related institutions hegemony
 Briefly
discuss BRICS summits history,
creation of NDB CRA and its comparison
with IMF and U.S
Theory (Theoretical Framework (Paradigm)
Formal Theory/Informal Theory)
this research I want to prove that world
is going to multipolar from unipolar and my
theoretical frame work is surrounding to uni
to multi polarity.
Research Design: Methodology
Paradigm: In this study sets in rational choice and ontological position relative
and co-constructed realities and epistemological objectivist and
Type: In this study set in descriptive, historical and analytical type.
Method: Qualitative method has been utilized in this research
Data Source:The study will rely on secondary sources.
Population: Main population of this research is articles and books. These
articles and books are published during 2003 to 2015.
Unit of Analysis: Main Unit of Analysis of this research is flexible and data will
lead the analysis and coding will be according to data.
Data Collection: In this research articles and books references main sources
are Google scholar, articles, columns, reports and books.
Data Analysis: In this research thematic analysis is used. And Categorizing and
coding pieces of data and grouping them into themes.
 This
is the beginning of BRICS and it is ready to
challenge the US and west economy and hegemony
but its fact that they are still far from being the number
one power of the world due to some lacks
 Michael
 U.S
 US
Cox Points
High living standards
economy continues to lead the world economy
 Technology
& Innovation
 Its
better to say that BRICS nations have the potential
and resources to form a powerful economy with greater
opportunity’s than any other nation. Last ten years are a
testimony of this statement.
 A stronger
BRICS can also have more influence in
other multilateral forums such as the IMF world bank
 In
short, powerful BRICS will cause the world directing
towards multilateral system where balance of power
will be enough good for world peace.
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