Social and Human Development Cluster

13th Session of the Regional Coordination
Mechanism of UN Agencies &
Organizations Working in Africa
in Support of the African Union and its
NEPAD Programme
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
14 - 15 November 2012
Social and Human Development
1. The biggest cluster under RCM Secretariat including 6
sub clusters
2. Cluster members have participated in the SHD 2012
business planning, implementation and evaluation process
3. Highlights of Achievements
4. Challenges
5. Way Forward
6 sub clusters
1. Education & Human Resources
2. Gender, Youth & Development
3. Labour & Employment
4. Social Welfare, Protection &
Human Trafficking
5. Health, HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria &
other infectious diseases
6. Sports & Culture
Highlights of Achievements (1)
• Support provided for revitalization of Africa Watch for
• Business Plan for operationalizing the Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturing Plan for Africa –PMPA- has been finalized
• The successful implementation of the Cost of Hunger in
Africa study (CoHA)
• The support for conducting the 3rd pan-African Cultural
multi-sectoral meetings
• The Gender Audit conducted in two clusters
Highlights of Achievements (2)
• The support provided for Popularization of African
Women’s Decade
• Support provided for implementation of African
Charter on the Rights & Welfare of the Child
• The publication of Youth Employment intervention in
Africa 2011 with mapping of Employment & Labor.
• Support provided for teacher development program in
Africa/ draft roadmap and development of monitoring
and evaluation framework
1. Ambitious business plan while resources are limited
2. Inadequate Intra and Inter-cluster coordination of
monitoring and periodic review of implementation of
business plans
3. Lack of strategic joint programmes for AUC
capacity building in the business plan
4. Absence of support to Sport as a tool to achieve
broader African Union Development Agenda
5. Inadequate participation of some members in the
cluster work and in the cluster meetings
Way Forward
1. Set realistic targets and strengthen Intra and InterCluster periodic monitoring review mechanism for the
implementation of the Business Plans
2. More focus on multi- sectoral strategic areas of
capacity building for AUC in complement of existing
bilateral cooperation
3. Efforts should be stepped up to support and explore
the avenue of sports as a tool to facilitate development
4. Motivate regular participation of all cluster members in
cluster meetings
5. Conduct quarterly meetings of High level Management
SHD Cluster Members
Thank You