Chapter 16 - Quiz.

Chapter 16 - Quiz.
From the authors' perspective, which of the following terms would be LEAST acceptable in labeling
uncommon sexual behaviors?
a. deviant
b. variant
c. atypical
d. paraphilia
Paraphilias are ________ sexual behaviors.
a. atypical
b. perverted
c. illegal
d. deviant
The term atypical sexual behaviors is used in the text to convey:
that the specific behaviors discussed only occur as a full-blown
a. paraphilia.
that the few specific behaviors discussed are the most common
b. paraphilias.
c. extremely deviant sexual behaviors that only occur in males.
that while the behaviors are atypical, they exist in many gradations and
d. in many people.
Which of the following statements regarding atypical sexual behavior is FALSE?
a. Atypical behaviors often occur in clusters.
b. They are also called paraphilias.
c. Some atypical sexual behaviors are illegal.
Research indicates that women engage in these behaviors more often
d. than men.
Which of the following statements concerning atypical sexual behavior is FALSE?
Individuals who engage in atypical sexual behavior find that it usually
a. enhances their sexual/intimate relationship with a partner.
People who are unwilling recipients of atypical sexual behavior are not
b. necessarily negatively affected.
People who are unwilling recipients of atypical sexual behavior may be
c. psychologically traumatized.
Men tend to be more likely to engage in atypical sexual behavior than
d. women.
Research seems to indicate that individuals with one paraphilia:
often have another, more embarrassing paraphilia that they are trying to
a. hide.
b. are more likely than average to have a substance abuse problem.
c. are more likely to have several other, similar paraphilias.
d. are less likely to have legal trouble.
Stanley theorizes that the cluster effect of paraphilias is LIKELY due to:
a. erotosexual differentiation
b. hedonic adaptation to one atypical sexual behavior.
c. operant conditioning to several additional atypical sexual behaviors.
one atypical sexual behavior reducing one's inhibitions to other atypical
d. sexual behaviors.
One notable impact of atypical sexual behaviors is:
a. people often find it difficult to establish satisfying intimate relationships.
people often become more satisfied with sexual and intimate
b. relationships with their partners.
c. an increased occurrence of alcoholism.
d. people often become more outgoing and self-confident.
Many minor sexual offenses are considered to be "nuisance offenses", but this classification is being
revisited because:
not all offenders are registered as sex offenders after being
a. apprehended.
b. all of these offenses have a sexual component to the crime.
some offenders progress from minor offenses to more serious forms of
c. sexual abuse.
d. some victims of these crimes become sex offenders themselves.
Which of the following individuals would MOST likely be described as a fetishist?
a. A man who uses partial asphyxiation as a way to enhance orgasm.
A man who becomes sexually aroused whenever he sees a woman with
b. large breasts.
A man who likes to wear white lacy lingerie when he has sex with his
c. wife.
A man who cannot reach orgasm unless he is masturbating with a
d. woman's high-heeled shoe.
Which of the following reasons would be LEAST likely to explain why people may engage in
sadomasochistic behavior?
Masochistic behavior may provide a guilt-relieving mechanism for
a. people who believe sex is sinful and immoral.
b. Sadistic or masochistic behavior may heighten physiological arousal.
c. Sadistic behavior may temporarily alleviate feelings of inferiority.
Sadomasochism may help individuals overcome hyperactive sexual
d. desire or sexual aversion.
________ are the MOST reported group to engage in erotic asphyxia.
a. Masochists
b. Married couples
c. White males
d. Sadists
An exhibitionist obtains sexual gratification from:
a. cross-dressing.
b. secretly observing other people who are naked.
c. inflicting pain upon another person.
d. exposing his genitals to an involuntary observer.
All of the following are suggested as effective ways to respond to obscene phone calls EXCEPT:
a. use a police whistle to blow in the caller's ear.
b. quietly hang up the telephone.
c. screen via answering machine, or caller i.d.
d. pretend you are deaf and cannot hear the caller.
Generally speaking, voyeurism is expressed by:
a. males in their early 20's with feelings of inferiority and inadequacy.
b. individuals who also express exhibitionistic tendencies.
iIndividuals who are shy and reserved when in large groups of unfamiliar
c. people.
individual with a poor self-image and poorly developed sociosexual
d. skills.
Your text refers to a relatively new form of voyeurism enabled by technology called:
a. Cybervoyeurism.
b. Surreptitious Voyeurism.
c. Internet Voyeurism.
d. Video Voyeurism.
Voyeuristic behavior may include which of the following activities?
Dressing in clothing emblematic of one's own sex for sexual
a. gratification.
b. Engaging in behaviors associated with somnophilia.
Rubbing or pressing against a fully-clothed person in a crowded public
c. place.
d. Boring holes into the walls of public dressing rooms.
Video voyeurism:
a. are seen in some selected store windows in large cities.
b. refers to high tech, small and difficult to spot video cameras.
c. may actually involve the use of either videos or DVDs.
refers to a preference for renting pornographic videos over real life
d. activity.
All of the following are noncoercive paraphilias EXCEPT:
a. coprophilia.
b. klismaphilia.
c. fetishism.
d. frotteurism.
A study by Templeman and Sinnett found that ________% of college men had engaged in one or
more frotteuristic acts.
a. 21
b. 5
c. 12
d. 50
A sexual variation in which a person obtains sexual gratification by having intercourse with a corpse
is called:
a. necrophilia.
b. coprophilia.
c. mortuphilia.
d. klismaphilia.
The traditional term for men who have insatiable sexual needs is:
a. hypoactive sexual desire.
b. nymphomania.
c. satyriasis.
d. hypogonadism.
All of the following are phases of sexual addiction described by Carnes EXCEPT:
a. preoccupation.
b. denial.
c. despair.
d. ritualistic behaviors.
Sexologists disagree about the existence of sexual addiction because:
a. all of these.
there are no clear criteria about what normal levels of sexual activity
b. are.
c. the disorder negates individual responsibility.
d. the disorder is not distinguishable from other compulsive disorders.
Generally speaking, most professional treatment programs for sex addiction are:
a. available only at a few locations in the United States that specialize in sex addiction.
b. currently under development and have not yet been evaluated for recidivism rates.
c. modeled after the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.
d. available on an out-patient basis at most hospitals.