Building Safety and Accommodation Requirements

Building Safety and
Accommodation Requirements
 Compliance
with safety and health
standards under the Buildings Ordinance
 Enlisting the service of Authorized Persons
 Formal submission of plans for approval
 AP/RSE Directory (
 Viewing approved plans/documents
 Land use and lease matters
Structural Design (1)
 2.0
kPa for dormitory areas
 2.5 kPa for living/recreational areas
 RSE’s structural justification for increased
load such as raised screed and partition wall
 Sound structural condition
Structural Design (2)
 Additional
Structural Design (3)
 Raised
Fire Resisting Construction (1)
 Compliance
FRC Code
Fire Resisting Construction (2)
Some general requirements:
 1 hour FRP compartmentation
 1 hour FRP wall and 1/2 hour FRP door for
 AP/RSE’s substantiation on fire resisting
Fire Resisting Construction (3)
Means of Escape (1)
 Compliance
MOE Code 1996
Means of Escape (2)
Some general requirements:
 Discharge value
 MOE provision in any particular floor
 Clear width exit door
 One 750mm exit door for rooms <30 persons
 Two exit doors (850mm each, total 1750mm)
for rooms between 31-200 persons; lines of
direct distance >30o; open in the direction of
exit; not obstructing other exit route
Means of Escape (3)
Means of Escape (4)
Means of Escape (5)
 2m
headroom for exit routes
 maximum 18m deadend
 30m to 45m (depending on the fire resisting
construction) to staircase
 450mm solid separation from other
accommodation at the discharge point of
exit staircase
Means of Escape (6)
Means of Escape (7)
 Occupancy
factor = 3 m2 usable floor
 Fire engineering approach
Lighting and Ventilation (1)
 Habitable
room (2.5m under floor slab,
2.3m under beam)
 Windows of habitable rooms, offices and
kitchens facing external air (glass area,
openable area)
 Windows of rooms containing sanitary
fitments facing open air (glass area and
openable area)
Lighting and Ventilation (2)
 Artificial
lighting and mechanical
ventilation (>5 air changes/hour) to the
satisfaction of the BA
 Adequate aperture for room-sealed gas
water heater serving bathrooms
Sanitary Fitments
 1-8
residents : 1 WC, 1 basin, 1 bath/shower
 9-20 residents : 2 WCs, 2 basins, 2
 Every additional 15 residents or part thereof,
1 additional WC, basin and bath/shower
Unauthorized Building Works
 similar
to other types of licensed premises
Enquiry Telephone No.
2626 1240