Word Wall Practice Activities

Word Wall Practice Activities
o Games to play with flashcards:
 Scavenger Hunt: Hide flashcards around the house
or outside. Have your child read the words he/she
 Bingo- Lay the flashcards out to make a Bingo grid.
Use coins or another small object as markers. Call
out words at random. Once markers are on all the
words in a row, column, or diagonal, you win Bingo!
 Twister- Lay the flashcards on your Twister board.
Instead of calling colors, call words! (example-right
foot on “and”)
o Other Word Wall activities:
 Write a story that includes the words.
 Draw a picture with the words hidden in the
 Make the words with play dough.
 Build the words with Scrabble tiles.
 Write the words on paper plates. Lay the plates
out and toss a beanbag on a given word.
 Write the words on Ping-Pong balls. Have your
child throw you balls after you call a word.
 Type the words into a SpellingCity.com list. This
website generates games and activities.
*These activities can be adapted to practice
phonics skills too!