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July 29th, 2014
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Equifax Today
Equifax (NYSE:EFX) is a $2.3 billion global information
solutions company and member of the S&P 500 with a
heritage dating back 115 years.
Equifax maintains data on more than 600 million
consumers, 81 million businesses, and 220 million
employee files worldwide.
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Equifax Global Presence
#1 in market
#2 in market
Note: Equifax presence in Brazil, India and Russia are through joint ventures.
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Equifax Vision
To be the global leader in
information solutions that
creates unparalleled insights to
customer challenges.
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What We Deliver
Unique Value Added Solutions
› Unique Data Assets
› Credit
› Income
› Employment
› Wealth
› Business Analytics
› Property
› Scores
› Vehicle
› Bankruptcy
› Cash flow
› Prepayment
› Propensity
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› Data Software
› Behind the Firewall
› Decisioning Systems
Unique Data Assets
Unique to Equifax
Income & Employment Data
Asset/Wealth Data
Telephone & Utility Payment History
Fraud & Authentication Data
Small Business Exchange
Securities Compliance Data
Unemployment Claims
Standard Assets
Credit Data
Property Data
Identity Verification
Commercial Demographic Data
Consumer Demographic Data
Global Linkage
Confidential and Proprietary
Employee Files
Trade Accounts
Public Records
Business Units | BUs
U.S. Consumer Information Solutions | USCIS
› B2C insights, consumer credit info, wealth, assets
› 1Q 2014 Revenue: $243.9M
North America Personal Solutions | PSOL
› Credit monitoring and identity management
› 1Q 2014 Revenue: $54.1M
North America Commercial Solutions | NACS
› B2B data marketing and capabilities to manage risk
› 1Q 2014 Revenue: $22.9M
by BU
International | INTL
› B2B and B2C Capabilities: Credit, Fraud and Identity
› 1Q 2014 Revenue: $143.9M
Workforce Solutions | WS
› Employer and verification services
› 1Q 2014 Revenue: $119.7M
Confidential and Proprietary
Personal Information Solutions
Equifax.com | Consumer Credit, Debt, & Financial Information
› Online credit monitoring
› Personalized credit information and financial support
› Access to credit report/scores from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion
› Flagship product: Equifax Complete™
TrustedID | Identity Theft Protection
› Focus on identity protection, including medical identity
and online reputation monitoring
› Educational content through IdentityProtection.com
› Flagship product: IDEssentials™
Confidential and Proprietary
Consumer Information Solutions
Enterprise Solutions | Insights, Technology & Analytics
› Data-driven insights, industry expertise, technology and world-class analytics
› Enable consumer success across multiple area with an intense focus on:
 Financial Institutions
 Mortgage
 Insurance
 Automotive
 Telecommunications & Utilities
 Credit Cards
Integrated Product Set | Marketing, Risk & Fraud and Authentication
› Products span the customer lifecycle
› Mitigate risk and maximize results
 Identify specific customer opportunities
 Collecting on existing debt
› Enable business growth and success
› Direct marketing capabilities
Confidential and Proprietary
Commercial Information Solutions
Customer Acquisition | Relationships
› Find, qualify and validate business customers faster and more securely
› Manage customer/supplier data for increased revenue and cost-savings
Strategic Planning | Industry Insights & Benchmarks
› Leverage robust market intelligence for strategic decision-making
› Gain industry and portfolio-level insights
Risk Management | Process Automation
› Protect against fraud with business identity verification
› Mitigate risk with visibility into the financial health of your customers/suppliers
Manage My Own Business | Financial Tools
› Take control over the financial health of your business
Confidential and Proprietary
Workforce Solutions
Verification Services | Employment, Income & Identity
› Third-party verification solutions – trusted employer, institution, government reported data
› Vital decisioning tools for a wide-range of industries (i.e. mortgage, pre-employment screening, public
assistance, etc.)
› The Work Number® database
 226 million payroll records (54 million current)
 Direct from 2,500 contributing employers
› IRS Tax Transcripts (4506-T)
› SSN Verification & Identity Authentication
Employer Services | Workforce Analytics, HR Services & Compliance
› Employment and Income Verification
› Unemployment Claims and Cost Management
› I-9 Management – Integration with E-Verify
› W-2 Management, Paperless Pay & Employer Tax Services
› Compliance Center – new hire and required employment documentation platform
› Tax Credits & Incentives – WOTC screening with eSignature
Confidential and Proprietary
Differentiated Data
› 360° consumer view with linked credit data (consumer and commercial) and wealth and income information
› Continuous integration of new and unique data sources
Identity and Fraud Solutions
› Consumer verification/authentication solutions
› Next-generation fraud solutions (focus on Telco, FI and SME)
Technology and Analytical Services
› Using decisioning platforms to help businesses facilitate/automate
various credit decisions
› Analytical and modeling services that provide enhanced insights for decision making
Information Solutions
› Personal Information Solutions – Products to help consumers monitor and protect their credit and identity
information and make more informed financial decisions
› Commercial Information Solutions – Data to help businesses make the best credit decisions
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Global Operations Overview
Line Functions
Global Fulfillment
Consumer & Business Svcs.
• Operational fulfillment of client product and
services from NPI to delivery
• Supports CMS, CDC, KCP, Commercial,
Mortgage, Verification Services
• 375 people supporting $364M revenue
Workforce Solutions
• Delivers customer care and client support
• Consumer disclosure / dispute services,
business / employer / employee support in
boarding, customer care & sales support
• 222 people and ~1,000 offshore/contingent
agents supporting USCIS, PSOL and WS
• Providing product and service fulfillment, data
operations, customer/consumer service and
Lean/process improvement in 15 countries
• 572 people supporting $620M revenue
Shared Services
• Provides customer support implementation,
document management and consulting services
for Workforce Solutions
• Services include UC, employee services,
employer tax services and tax credits &
• 908 people supporting $468M revenue
Data Operations
• Driving operational execution and labor
arbitrage across all BU’s, Global Op’s, IT and
• Supports $24M in annual revenue & $9.5M in
annual cost saving
• Processes 30M work units annually with 525
• Data ETL (extract, transform, load) support for
the business
• Manages data foundation for USCIS, NACS,
PSOL and WS as primary interface with Equifax
data furnishers
Support Functions
Enterprise Growth Initiatives
Global Process Improvement
Procurement & Real Estate
• Strategic refinement / execution for
Equifax growth strategies
• Portfolio of 10-15 initiatives with
monthly SLT reporting supporting
revenue of $30-50M annually
• Drive financial impact across Equifax
while evolving to a Lean culture
• BU, COE and Client based efforts
driving margin impact of $20-30M
• Leads facility management /
specified third party transactions &
• Manages ~$53M in annual spend
and 80 global facilities; $170M in
annual procurement spend
Confidential and Proprietary
Op’s Planning & Analysis
• Development / deployment of
infrastructure to support delivery of
Global Op’s goals & objectives
• Growth Playbook, initiative reviews,
op’s and SLT reviews
Key Enablers for Achieving Operational Excellence
LEAN and
• LEAN/PI initiatives have
driven strong business
benefits across the
• Deployed PI resources
across the majority of the
company’s controllable
cost base
Initiative and
• Executed on average 10
EGI’s a year
• Class of 2013 EGIs
delivered strong results,
including …..
New Product
• Leveraged the talent
of 3000+ operations
employees worldwide
• Dedicated team
supporting new product
launch planning
• Engaged associates
enterprise-wide in LEAN
efforts and completed
hundreds of LEAN
initiatives over the past
few years
• Implemented Operations
Innovation Hours
Confidential and Proprietary
Equifax in the Community
The Equifax Foundation provides grants in four specific categories:
Outreach | 55%
Education | 25%
Arts | 10%
Other | 10%
Equifax supports organizations around the world that provide basic services (food, shelter,
clothing, assistance) to low-income citizens and communities.
Equifax contributes to organizations that provide educational opportunities at the K-12 level.
The arts are important to a thriving and healthy community.
A wide variety of organizations that serve our communities
in different ways.
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Investing With Equifax
S&P 500
Confidential and Proprietary
Model Integration Tool
What is the Model Integration Tool?
A web-based user interface that provides the ability to streamline deployment of predictive models
from development (SAS/R/SPSS) to production allowing you to deploy, audit, integrate and
execute with ease. The Model Integration Tool generates a vendor neutral executable model
specification known as PMML (Predictive Modeling Markup Language) and deploys it to a PMMLbased execution engine without requiring any recoding by IT.
Why is it important for Equifax and our customers?
Improve Operational Efficiency: Reduce time to market for predictive analytics by accelerating
the deployment of models by 4-7 months which is about a 40%-60% reduction in the overall
predictive model development
Greater Flexibility: Leverage other modeling techniques & new insights with the adoption of
Improve Model Governance: Meet increasing regulatory demands
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