Week 5 Worksheet Answers

Week 5 Worksheet
Please fill out and print this worksheet and bring it to training on 5/8
1. Please name the 8 GE categories (by their proper names), how many classes you need to
complete for each, and give examples for each:
I. Writing; 3 courses: 2 lower division, 1 upper division; Writing 39B, 39C, Engr 190W
II. Science and Technology; 3 courses; Bio 93, 94, Physics 7C
III. Social and Behavioral Sciences; 3 courses; Anthro 2A, Soc 1, Econ 20A
IV. Arts and Humanities; 3 courses; Classics 36A, Women Studies 60A, FMS 85A
V. Quantitative, Symbolic, and Computational Reasoning; 3 courses: 1 from Va, 1 from Vb and 1
from either; Math 2A, 2B, Stats 7
VI. Language other than English; 1 course (the equivalent of 1C level); Spanish 1C
VII. Multicultural Studies; 1 course; Anthro 2A
VIII. International/Global Issues; 1 course; Asam 51
2. What are the UC and UCI requirements?
UC: Entry Level Writing (need to have passed Writing 39A equivalent), American History and
Institutions (mostly covered by HS classes, but if not then can take a History and Poli Sci Class)
UCI: minimum of 180 units before graduation, and max of 216 (from units garnered at UCI), GE
requirements, 2.0 minimum cumulative GPA. You must complete the last 36 of your final 45
units here at UCI.
3. What are the benefits and downsides to taking a course P/NP?
Benefits: Does not affect your GPA, still counts as units, since P is the equivalent of a “C” the
amount of work to get a P is moderate.
Downside: Any class taken P/NP cannot be for your intended major, Grad Schools change these
grades to “C’s” and “F’s” when calculating your GPA
4. Your grade will be replaced only up to the 4th retake. On the 5th retake it will average.
5. 36 of your last 45 units must be taken at UCI.
6. How much are LARC tutorials per quarter? Who are they taught by?
$100 per quarter, though if you only go to one session it is $25. They are taught by
undergraduate students who have passed a rigorous application process who have taken the
class previously and who have received A’s in the class. They also take the class with you so
they know what the professor is going over and where they might have confused people.
7. T/F The Writing Center does Walk-Ins; (Though the peer educators have walk in advising in
the housing communities from 6-9PM on certain days.)
8. Which ICS program pays students for summer research? iCAMP
9. How many majors does Engineering have? 12
10. What are the two majors Public Health has? Public Health Science and Public Health Policy