Guidelines for completing a Progress Claim form

Guidelines for Completing a Progress Claim Form
Ultimate Recipient
Project Name
Name of Contact
Period Covered By this
claim From:
Project #
Telephone #
E-mail address:
Summary of Project Costs:
Total Project Amount Approved:
Less total of all previous claims:
Remaining funds available:
This Claim:
Total project costs for this claim:
Less previous amount advanced:
Amount to be advanced this claim:
Percentage of the project that is complete.
Have there been any changes to the scope or
timing of the project?
Are project costs likely to be greater than the
original application?
If this is a Final Claim be sure to include the Final
Recipient Authorization
Recipient’s name
Name same as on
Project # from decision
Person responsible for generating the claim &
their direct phone number & e-mail address
Enter the phase this claim covers. The “From”
date is the start date of the project or the day
after the date of the last claim. The “To” date is
the date of the last eligible invoice for the period
covered or the end of the project date. This date
cannot be later than the approved project end
date as per the transfer payment agreement
Total amount approved as per the transfer
payment agreement
Amount paid to recipient to date on project
Total funds remaining in project (not yet paid)
Amount of expenses (Invoices etc.) as per
summary of expenditure sheet that is attached to
progress claim
Amount advanced to recipient on last claim.
Total amount of this claim must offset previous
amount advanced
Amount shown on Schedule C of Transfer
Payment Agreement
Indicate how much of the project has been
completed. This lets us know that the project is
on track and following Schedule C of the Transfer
Payment Agreement
Indicate any changes to the project that are
different from what was approved or what has
been reported in Schedule C of the transfer
payment agreement
Indicate any budget changes or costs that are
different than those reported on Schedule C of
the transfer payment agreement
The Final report is Schedule D. It includes a
narrative describing the project, amount spent,
outcomes and includes photos of the project
Signature of appropriate signing authority