European Country Presentation In this unit you will be responsible

In this unit you will be responsible for teaching the class about a particular country/group of countries in Europe.
You will be working in groups of two or three to prepare for this presentation. Planning and preparation for this
project will take place over the next five days in class (until spring break and the Mon/Tues we get back).
What is Included In This Project?
 1. Power Point Presentation (or Prezi): This will cover the five themes of geography as they apply to your
country as well as the class list we made regarding how to really know a place.
 Location: Describe the relative location of your country. List the exact locations of the major cities
of your country. (It would be helpful to show a map here!)
 Place: This should include both the physical and human characteristics of your country.
 Physical Features: landforms, natural resources, climate, examples of plant and animal life
 Human Features:
1. Culture: Describe unique aspects of your country’s culture (include language and
religion and 2 other aspects of culture)
2. Economy: What type of economic system does this country have? What are its
major economic activities?
3. Political Features: What form of government exists in this country? (tell us what
this form of government means as well )
4. History: Give a brief description of the “top 5” events in your country’s history
 Movement: Give an example of movement that pertains to your country (need ideas? Go back to
our notes on the 5 Themes of Geography from the beginning of the semester!)
 Human-Environment Interaction: Describe one specific, unique way in which humans have
interacted with their environment in this country.
 Mini-Travel Guide: Describe three places you can visit in the country. List the place and give a brief
description of it. Include:
 A museum
 A cultural feature (sporting arena, another museum, opera house, festival, etc.)
 Historical Site
 One Additional Element from the “Our Concept of Place” worksheet.
Other Reminders
 Any important vocabulary should be included in your power point
 Use visuals(maps, pictures, charts, graphs, etc)
 2. A note sheet to accompany your presentation (for your classmates to fill out during your presentation)
 3. Demonstration of Cultural Aspect: You will present a unique feature of your country’s culture. Possible
ideas: food sampling, clothing, language activity, demonstration of a game, explanation of a holiday (with a
prop), video clip. Included in this must also be an explanation of the history and importance of this feature.
 4. Review Activity: This should cover the main ideas of your presentation. Formats include crossword
puzzle, word search, class game (given clues rather than words), etc.
 5. 10 question quiz for your classmates
 6. List of sources
Where will I get my research?
- Use your textbook as a starting point – not an end all!
- RELIABLE internet sources (CIA World Factbook, Culture Grams, National Geographic)
- Library books
Who am I working with?
- There is a list of possible countries/regions on this sheet.
- You may work in groups of two or three
- Sign up is on a first come, first serve basis! You may not get your first country or group choice.
British Isles (United Kingdom and Ireland)
Benelux Countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg)
Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland)
Alpine Countries (Austria and Switzerland)
Baltic Countries (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania)
Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary
Spain and Portugal
Balkan States (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro)
Ukraine and Belarus