Grammar Lesson 11

Grammar Lesson 31
• Vocab:
• Hedonism – from a Greek word meaning pleasure, the theory that pleasure is
the highest good
• Nestor – an important character from the Iliad, Nestor was the oldest, wisest
warrior. A nestor is a leader in his or her field
The Period and Abbreviations
• A period shows where a sentence ends and another begins
• Place a period after the initials in a name
• Periods follow the letters and numbers in an outline
• I. John Langdon
• A. Merchant
• B. Soldier
Some abbreviations require periods
You can check abbreviations in a dictionary
Don’t abbreviate in formal writing
When in doubt, spell it out
a.m. and p.m.
Sun., Mon., and Tues.
Jan., Feb., and Mar.
Grammar Lesson 32
Conscience – sense of right and wrong
Consciousness – awareness of one’s surroundings, thoughts, and existence
Conscientious and conscious – adjective forms of the above words
Conscientious – guided by one’s conscience
Conscious – aware or cognizant
Proofreading Symbols I
• Proofreading symbols
• Standard set of symbols for proofreading
• See handout
Grammar Lesson 33
Stentor – a loud, powerful, Greek warrior in the Iliad
Stentorian – a loud, powerful sound
Spartan – had a reputation for being frugal, austere, and sternly disciplined
Spartan today means simple, frugal, and disciplined
Coordinating Conjunctions
• Three kinds of conjunctions, or connecting words
• Coordinating conjunctions join equal parts of a sentence – word to word,
phrase to phrase, clause to clause
• Sentence parts are called elements
• Elements joined with a conjunction are called compound parts
• Common coordinating conjunctions – and, but, or, nor, for, yet, so
Grammar Lesson 34
• Vocab
• Et. Al – from et alii, means “and others,” refers to people
• Etc. – from et cetera, means “and others,” refers to things
Compound Subjects and Predicates
Diagramming Compounds
• Predicate (or verb) can have more than one subject, known as a compound
• Subject may have more than one predicate, or a compound predicate
• Diagramming – see board