Bioreactor Project Poster

Collaboration Software
To allow the team to collaborate on the project, a dedicated web site
was created. This allowed the team to share documents, images,
Solidworks models and ideas more effectively.
Office Software
Microsoft Office was utilized for project timeline tracking, document
creation, presentations, and collaboration
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Computer aided design software was used throughout the project,
including conceptualization, analysis, and design realization. The team
used AutoCad 2009 and Solidworks 2009 to created technical drawings
for analysis and manufacturing.
PTC Mathcad 14 was used for the analysis and document creation
phases of the project.
Bioreactor Fluid System
Shady Adib, Jordan Barnett, Hideaki Inoue, Darius Respini-Irwin
Sponsor: Dr. Sean S. Kohles, PSU Repairative Bioengineering Lab
Advisor: Dr. Faryar Etesami
Solid Modeling
In this first stages of the design project we utilized
Solidworks to render 3D models of our concepts as well
as our final designs. This helped us better communicate
our ideas in addition to being a quick and effective way
to use engineering principles to check the design and
assembly of our concepts.
FEA (Finite Element Analysis )
In this phase we used Solidworks FEA software to analyze
the stress distribution. There is an applied load on each
sleeve and our team had to make sure that the loading from
the force actuator would not cause a fracture or a crack in
the component. Our results showed maximum stress
concentration well below the allowable limits.
CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
Another tool for analysis our group used was the Solidworks
CFD software. A requirement for our project was that the
waste fluid inside of the sleeve has to be replaced with the
new nutrient fluid. The inside of sleeve shape was designed
using CFD to minimize the recirculation of the fluid.
Microcontroller Development & Circuit Design
The pump controller utilizes an custom
microcontroller system. Arduino IDE and AVR
Studio were used to develop the firmware for
mcu. Circuit design and layout was performed in
Eagle CAD.
In the fabrication phase of our project we imported our
Solidworks part models into the MASTERCAM X4 program. This
allowed us to quickly create CNC programs for tool paths
including contour, drill, and pocketing cuts.
The team utilized a two axis CNC machine in the PSU machine
shop. It loads the MASTER CAM design, and it mills a material
into the desired shape.