IT2_Ch2 5aDayChengLee

Cheng Lee
1. Name a benefit that is true of print sharing?
 Access by main server concurrently
2. What service works as a "storage and retrieval" application?
 E-mail
3. What is one advantage of directory and name services?
 A standardized means of naming and locating resources on a network
 Text names are easier to remember than numeric addresses
 Network resources are not bound to a physical location
4. Name 3 features that LANs are generally designed to accommodate?
 Point-to-point network
 Star
 Share a single communication channel
5. What does the term media access control describe?
 Allow each computer to have its turn to use the medium so that
there is a fair and efficient way to share the network
6. Which of the following is the most popular physical LAN topology?
 Star
7. What is the physical topology when all the computers in a network connect
to a central point?
 Star
8. Write a statement that best describes a serial link?
 Because the bits of information are transmitted one after another in
a series, like cars traveling on a single lane highway
9. Write a statement that is true of peer-to-peer networks?
 The networked computers act as equal partners, or peers to each
10.Peer-to-peer and client/server networks share many characteristics. What
is unique to the client/server environment?
 Data can be located on one server or distributed across multiple
11.What is one disadvantage of a client/server network?
 Require expensive NOS software such as NT, Windows 2000 server,
or Novell Netware
 Requires expensive, more powerful hardware for the server machine
 Requires a professional administrator
 Has a single point of failure if there is only one server, and user’s data
can be unavailable if the server is down
12.What is the purpose of protocols?
 sequence of messages exchanged between two or more systems to
accomplish a given task
13.What do transport layer protocols use to identify the application needed to
process data?
 Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
14.Which network layer protocol enables routers to discover the best path
between networks using hop count?
 Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
15.What is an advantage of Linux?
 Free to public
16.What are two advantages of Windows over Linux?
 Organized source of funding and development
17.Why are open source technologies appealing to many people?
 There are some people within the computer industry that are not
happy with the limitations that proprietary standards impose
18.Which access control method is specified in the IEEE 802.3 standard?
 Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection (CSMA/CD)
19.What is a major advantage of UTP?
 inexpensive
20.Which two types of cabling will support 100BASE-X?
 2-strand fiber-optic cable
 2-pair Category 5 UTP or STP
21.Which of the following statements best describes full-duplex transmission?
 a telephone conversation between two people
22.Which DSL technology is most commonly used?
 Cisco
23.Which technology provides the best support for upload-intensive Internet