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Autodesk University 2015 – Webcast #2
AU Class Requirements - Handouts, the Autodesk Gallery, and
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 Welcome
 Class Formats
What are they good for?
 Speaker Tasks
Screencasts, the Autodesk Online Gallery,
Class Handouts, and Presentation Materials
 Helpful Resources, Tips, and Other Reminders
Autodesk University 2015
Adam Sopko
AU Content Curator
Review class requirements and tips
for preparing a great AU session
AU class formats – show vs. tell
 Industry Talks
 Thought leadership, industry insights, case studies, and more.
Attendees will expect to hear how your work represents an innovative
way forward. Your Industry Talk should not include a detailed
software training.
 Instructional Demos
 Detailed presentations of in-product workflows, processes, and tips &
tricks. Attendees will expect demonstrations that showcase your
software knowledge as it relates to your work, your role, or your
A reminder of other AU formats
 Hands-on Labs
 Hands-on computer instruction facilitated by an AU speaker
and lab assistants.
 Panels
 Industry leaders in discussion on topics from BIM to design
visualization and intellectual property rights for 3D and
advanced manufacturing.
 Roundtables
 Small group discussions facilitated by AU speakers.
Speaker Resource Center (SRC)
My Classes - Home
Speaker Resource Center (SRC)
General Tasks
Speaker Resource Center (SRC)
Class Tasks
Autodesk Screencasts
Screencasts – An optional speaker resource
 Rehearse your AU presentation and
fine tune your script.
 Illustrate key product workflows and
industry-specific practices.
 Create short supplements for your
class, which can be linked to from the
Autodesk University website.
Tagging your AU screencasts
Autodesk University
 Don’t forget to tag your screencasts “Autodesk University.”
Autodesk Online Gallery
AU Online Gallery – An optional speaker resource
 Generate enthusiasm for
what you’ll bring to AU.
 Showcase your personal and
professional projects.
 The Autodesk online gallery
will be accessible on the AU
 Don’t forget to tag your
projects “AU 2015.”
Tagging gallery projects with AU 2015
Check box:
AU 2015
Location: Las Vegas
Speaker Resource Center (SRC)
Upload Class Files
Class handouts
 Vital for Hands-on Labs, Instructional
Demos, and Industry Talks!
 Class handouts live on…online…and
demonstrate your expertise.
 Like a trusted desk reference, it should
tell the whole tale and be indispensable.
 Write it. Then read it.
 Share it with someone who knows.
Class presentations
 Especially critical for Industry Talks,
Instructional Demos, and Panels.
 Highlight transitions.
 Introduce your Learning
 Mark steps in a product workflow
 Note other natural transitions
 Transitions in your presentation deck
help create learning experiences that
are structured and segmented.
 Don’t overwhelm your audience.
Lead them. Teach them.
Your audience is also online
 Nearly all class materials are
made available for free online.
 High quality handouts and
presentations are powerful
 Experts in the Autodesk University
community continue to gain
recognition – on the web and with
tools like Autodesk Screencast,
the Autodesk Online Gallery, and
Making AU online your own
Great resources and examples
 Technically Speaking: How to Prepare and Deliver an Engaging
Technical Presentation from AU 2014 with Marcello Sgambelluri
 Architectural Visualization with Unreal Engine from
with Adam Crespi on
 Finite Element Analysis for the Casual User in Inventor from
AU 2014 with Jeffrey Mather
Other things to remember
 Doing a Q&A? Repeat your audience’s questions.
Those in your session will appreciate it as much as
those watching online.
 Nobody knows your audience better than you.
 There’s no AU without you. (Really, we’re humbled!)
So get the most of your experience by giving the
most. You’ll remember it and be remembered for it!
Key Dates
July 10
August 7
August 14
August 14
August 21
August 26
September 25
 October 2
 October 15
 November 13
Accept the speaker agreement
Download class & presentation templates
Review & modify speaker profile
Upload speaker photo
Add co-speakers (if any)
AU Registration
Hands-on lab hardware & software
Add lab assistants
Specify AV/classroom requirements
Upload handouts & additional class materials
Speaker Resources & Communication
 Speaker Resource Center (SRC)
One stop shop to manage your participation as an AU Speaker
 AU Blog and LinkedIn Forum
Speaker news and updates
Questions? For assistance contact:
[email protected]
Thanks again for your time.
We’re looking forward to a great AU!
Other questions? For assistance contact:
[email protected]
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