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Lindsay Burlas
ED 417-01
Developed for the Second Grade
► Government
 1) Identify leaders such
as Mayor, Governor, and
President, and explain
how they are elected by
the people.
► To
have my students
understand how
elections work
► To have my students
understand who the
Mayor, Governor, and
President are.
► Read as a class Duck for president.
► Class will discuss the roles of the president,
governor, and mayor
► The students will write a paragraph about either
the president, the governor, or the mayor and
what they do.
► The students will have to write a paragraph about
why they would want to be president and what
they want to do, or why they would not want to
be president.
► Class will simulate the voting process.
► The
book, Duck for President By: Doreen
► Two pieces of writing paper per student
► Markers, crayons, and pencils
► Voter Registration Card
► Election Ballots
► Ballot Box
► Tally board
Duck For President
► Read
the book to the
► Discuss the book and
election process
The President
Is the head person over
the United States
Approves or denies the
laws that congress makes
Meets with the leaders of
other countries
 Must be 35 years old
 Natural Born citizen
 Live in the U.S for 14 Years
The Governor
He is in charge of the state
Presides over the state
Ted Strickland
The Mayor
Is in charge of a city
► Presides of the city
► Appoints the police of
chief and fire chief
► Mayor
of Cincinnati
Who is Who
► Students
will write a
paragraph about what
the President,
Governor, or Mayor
I want to be the President
► Students
will write reasons why they would
like to be president and what they would
like to accomplish as president
► If a student would not like to be president,
they can also write about that and why not
► After students are done writing, they will
gather around the authors chair and take
turns reading what they wrote
Simulating Voting
► Asks
students to make a decision about what
game they are going to be playing at recess and
get some volunteers to give their game
► Make a list of the games to vote on
► Have students fill out voter registration cards
► Then have students fill out ballots to vote and
drop them in the ballot box
► Choose two students to tally the votes on the
► Conclusion: announce the winning game
Websites for Students
Ohio Government
Project Vote Smart
Ohio Kids
Bens Guide To U.S.
Government for Kids
Kids Voting USA
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