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Friday, March 18, 2016
Volume 1, Issue 1
to form an abstract
idea from a
• Organization
• Analysis: follow
through on a
process and
elements to see
a whole.
Physics Monthly
Welcome to the Physics 101 family!
Yes, even though you are not
taking physics yourself, you are
indeed part of the family. Before
I go any further, I would like to
introduce myself. My name is
Jon Cahill, and I will be teaching
the physics course here at {insert
school name here}. You are
receiving this, the first issue of
the monthly newsletter to keep
you in the know as to what is
going on in physics 101 and how
you can help your child become
the best physics student he or
she can be.
I look at this class as an
opportunity to make a difference
in your child’s life by teaching
these three basic ideas:
conceptualization, organization,
and analysis. These three ideas
are the core of physics, and of
many other areas of life. One
must be able to conceptualize an
idea before he or she can begin
to work on it, be organized and
organize data, thoughts, and
sometimes people to follow
through on the process, and be
able to analyze how he or she
did, how things come together
and interrelate, as well as
analyze the works of others and
learn from them.
The classroom
In my classroom, while it
is a place of learning, I do
wish to have fun as well.
In order to do this there
must be order-a little bit of
chaos is always in the mix
to add a bit of flair, of
course, but organized
chaos-In my classroom I
expect a few things. First:
I expect respect. Not only
of me, but also of others in
the class, whether it be a
classmate who knows
what to do or one who
doesn’t have a clue.
Second, I expect
participation. This
includes doing homework,
asking questions in class,
and paying attention
during lecture. A student
who doesn’t participate in
any way will do poorly on
exams, and will likely do
poorly in the class.
Finally, I expect students
to give their best and work
their hardest. If they do
this and ask for help, then
they will do well in the
class, so long as they are
willing to learn.
There is a website I would invite
and encourage you and your
child to visit frequently as it will
give information as to what was
covered in class, have slideshows and presentations that
were shown, as well as tell what
the homework assignment for
the day is and highlight what
concepts we will be covering
throughout the week. There is
also an About Me section if you
are interest in knowing more
about myself. The website is:
In physics the most basic
skill anyone needs to
learn is to conceptualize.
Now, the word itself
means to form an abstract
idea from a particular
instance. In physics this
entails reading a problem
and being able to glean a
basis from where to begin,
as well as to draw a basic
diagram as to what is
going on.
This concept will be taught
through the course itself,
Final thoughts
I am extremely excited to
be a part of your child’s
life and help teach him or
her some simple life skills!
If you have any questions
about anything, please let
me know (there is an
option to send me a
message on the website).
however, sometimes it is
helpful to have it taught
though someone other
than a teacher as well.
This is definitely one area
you, as the parent, will be
able to help teach your
child if he or she needs
some extra practice. Note
that this is a basic concept
and everything builds off
of this, not only in physics,
but in many other walks of
life. This is just one way
you may be able to be
active in your child’s
education, particularly in