Identifying sentences as simple, compound, complex

Identifying sentence structure review
Underline the subjects once and
the verbs twice. For 1 pt
Identify For 1 pt
as S for simple,
CP for compound,
CX for complex, and
CPCX for compound-complex.
Circle For 1 pt all conjunctions
________The meaning of this poem is difficult
to understand.
_______ Joe and his brother went fishing last
weekend and caught lots of fish.
___________ John went to school, but James
remained at home because he had a sore throat.
_______ Duane doesn't think he passed the test,
although he studied several hours last night.
___________ Those clouds promise rain; we
should hurry before we get caught in a flash
________The team had won the championship
last year and was determined to win it again.
_____ Since we bought our new wide-screen
television, the prices have dropped
_______ My father and mother ate too much at
our family reunion.
______ Fiona became interested in longdistance running several years ago; in fact, she
ran in the New York Marathon last year.
______ Sara began planning her summer
vacation in December.
_______ Because I left the play early, I missed
the surprise ending.
_______ Tanya was invited to a party, so she
wants to buy a new outfit.
_______ Caught with the evidence, Karen
________ You must have tenacity if you intend
to learn how to play the guitar.
______ For Halloween, each of the children had
dressed up as a different Disney character;
however, not one of them had dressed up as
Mickey Mouse.
_______ The company that contacted us by
phone happens to have a bad reputation.
_______ Some of the books in the library will be
given to charity.
_______ Don’t give up; you can do it.
__________ Those clouds promise rain; we
should hurry before we get caught in a flash
_______ Rodney is not only ambitious but hardworking as well.
________ After Alison finished playing the
video game, she shut down the computer.
_____ Because of rain, the baseball game was
_____ After the hurricane, many of the offices
needed new carpeting.
______ I may not understand why the economy
is hurting, but I do know that something needs
to be done.
_______ Diagramming sentences is not as
difficult as some people make it out to be.
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