What are the major religious beliefs of Islam, why did certain

What are the major religious beliefs of Islam, why
did certain religious groups feel that revolution
against the Shah was necessary, and how does
this belief impact the citizens of Iran, the U.S.,
and/or the rest of the world?
Wesley Smith
• 6 Articles of Faith: To become Muslim on must believe in
1. One God;
2. The angels of God;
3. The books of God, especially the Qur'an;
4. The prophets of God, especially Muhammad;
5. The Day of Judgment (or the afterlife); and
6. The supremacy of God's will (or predestination).
Major Beliefs of Islam
• Belief about God: The most important belief of the Islam
faith is that there is only one God, Allah
• The Islamic faith believes that God sent his last and
greatest prophet, Muhammad to Earth. He is the founder
of the Islam faith.
• Muslims believe that Allah created humans with free will
and for the reason of obeying and serving God. That is
why humans are the greatest of all creatures.
Major Beliefs of Islam
• Islam was represented by Khoumeyni and wanted to turn Iran into an Islamic
• Khoumeyni came to Iran and started giving order to destroy all the Armenian
churches and schools because they were Christians.
• Shah knew that if he would stay in Iran, Khoumeyni would kill him. He fled
to Egypt.
• Revolution made Muslims happy and Christians sad and scared because of
the hatred towards them.
Revolution/Effects On The World
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