Spanish Honors Syllabus



: Spanish 5-6 Honors


: Ms. Arciniegas



Course Description:

In this course students will be able to further strengthen their knowledge on topics covered in previous years. Students will expand their vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills necessary in a variety of scenarios that may be encountered when traveling or living in a Spanish country.

Students will also read, discuss and analyze works of literature in Spanish. Finally, students will prepare to take the L.O.T.E. exam at the end of the school year.


: Realidades 2 – Used in the classroom.

Realidades 2 Workbook – Can be purchased in the school store.

Units of study:

I - El futuro (Chapter 9A, 9B)


Making plans for the future and professions

What the world may be like in the future and solutions for the problems in the environment

The future tense

The present tense with expressions of doubt

– Literatura – El Renacimiento y el Barroco en la literatura española

II - De vacaciones (Chapter 8A, 8B)


Planning a trip, airport and traveling safely

Appropriate tourist behavior and traveling in a foreign city

The present subjunctive

Irregular verbs in the subjunctive

The subjunctive with impersonal expressions

- Literatura: Gabriel García Márquez

III - ¿Cómo se hace la paella? (Chapter 7A)


Review “

La comida

” and verbs with irregular yo forms

Cooking expressions

Food and appliances

Following a recipe

Affirmative and negative

The impersonal

se tú


Literatura: Pablo Neruda


IV - ¿Viste el partido en la televisión? (Chapter 6A)


Review “

los programas y las películas”

and verbs like “


Television programs and sporting events

The preterite of –ir stem-changing verbs

Other reflexive verbs

V – ¿Qué pelicula has visto? (Chapter 6B)


Movies and making a movie

Verbs that use indirect objects pronouns

The present perfect

Literatura – La Continuidad de los Parques

VI - Un acto heroico (Chapter 5A)


Review: “

La casa

”, expressions using “

Natural disasters and crisis situations

Emergencies, rescues and heroic acts.

The preterite of the verbs

tener oír, leer, creer and destruir

The preterite and the imperfect: other uses

VII - Un accidente (Chapter 5B)


Review parts of the body

Accidents and what happens in emergency rooms

Irregular preterites: venir, poner, decir and traer

Imperfect progresive and preterite.

Literatura – La Casa de Bernarda Alba