Front-End Engineer
Los Angeles, CA 90293
[email protected]
Extensive experience building rich web applications and interfaces on LAMP, Node and
client-side JS frameworks. Able to build SEO-friendly, accessible, semantic markup
adherent to the latest HTML and CSS standards. Employing the best practices of OO
Javascript to achieve scalable, performant, maintainable code on the server and client.
Experienced with all aspects and fundamentals of web architecture and engineering with
over 16 years in the field.
Seeking a role that challenges both my technical and creative talents. A work
environment that is open, creative and collaborative. Currently employed but open to
new possibilities.
Javascript (YUI, jQuery, Lo-Dash, ES6 syntax), PHP, Python, JSX, CSS, SASS, HTML.
Angular, React, Fluxible, YUI App Framework (Backbone fork), Touchdown (internal),
Express. Many now defunct PHP frameworks.
MySQL, XML/JSON, Redis, MemCached
Version Control:
Git, SVN, Perforce
Grunt, Bower, NPM, Jenkins/Hudson
Selenium, Mocha, Chai, YUI Test Framework, Arrow, Protractor, VirtualBox
Chrome DevTools, Firebug
LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
Linux/Unix: Redhat, FreeBSD. Administrative ability in Apache, BIND, and various email
servers and server software.
Windows: General administrative ability with IIS, Win2000.
Yahoo! Inc | Front-End Engineer | Los Angeles, CA | Nov 2011 - present
Built out account and billing features for our new Daily Fantasy product using fully
isomorphic javascript framework for both mobile and desktop powered by React and
Built new HTML5 fantasy sports Draft Client built on Node.js for NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA
that replaced legacy flash draft client. Utilizes web sockets to push data to clients.
Built responsive HTML5 fantasy sports games on Node.js with support for 3 screens
(smartphone, tablet, and desktop) and served in 20 languages.
Built internal Node.js NPM for sending messages via SMS or email.
Built embed and share pages on Node.js for new product "Loop" which allows users to
create gif animations from real game footage. Page elements pulled in with edge-side
Developed Sublime Text plugins to aid fellow developers on internal frameworks. | Senior Front-End Developer | Los Angeles, CA | Jan 2009 - Nov 2011
Created World-class, enterprise level, highly performant Object-Oriented Javascript,
HTML and CSS for various web properties owned by Edmunds Inc. Large code contributor
to the newly launched and highly successful Successfully met a page
load goal of 1.5 seconds for this media rich site. | Web Development | Los Angeles, CA | Oct 2005 - Jun 2007
Full redesign of website to increase lead conversion. Managed large scale, high-budget
pay-per-click campaigns on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Built applications to monitor and
improve efficiency of campaigns on a keyword per landing page level. Built a system to
automate the creation of highly customized doorway pages. Utilized Google's page
optimization service to improve ROI. | Web Development | Los Angeles, CA | Jan 2005 - Dec 2005
Design, development and marketing for and affiliated brand-targeted
domains, including hosting and server administration.
Development: Built back-end administration of dealerships, makes, models, options,
colors and there inter-relationships with each other. Created template system for
additional brands and domain names. Developed import software to interface with a
myriad of inventory providers. Included data translation to relate provider data to
internal system information. As well as developed data exporting software which
disseminated car data to various online shopping platforms such as:, and Built extensive reporting tools.
SEO: Built applications to monitor visitor traffic, path and their origins. Increased organic
traffic to phase out our Google Adwords campaign. Extensive research and
implementation on keyword semantics and page theming. Employed URL rewriting for
convenience and better site indexing. Authored website and print material copy, set up
text linking campaigns to improve Google PR rating, created multiple doorway websites
to increase brand distinction amongst search engines.
Server Administration: Setup domains using Apache and BIND, implemented security
features, managed ftp and mail accounts as well as Cron/AT tasks.
Graphic Design: Produced marketing packets, fliers, invoices, client progress reports,
logo and identity. All site content including: flash movies, designs for affiliated sites,
icons and graphics.
TechXpress | Web Development | San Luis Obispo, CA | Jan 2002 - Dec 2004
Development of innumerable web applications for clients and internal office management
including the following:
shopping carts, inventory management systems, employee management systems,
payroll and time clock system,
content management systems, online job applications, custom search engines, and more.
Designed and built various websites for clients.
USA Virtual Tours | Web Development | San Luis Obispo, CA | Feb 1998 - Sep 2002
Created databased web applications using PHP/MySQL/Apache in Linux
Database design & administration with MySQL: backups, optimization, data migration,
data mining, etc.
Front-end programming in HTML/Javascript: Created cross-browser interactive layouts
using text editor.
Back-end programming in PHP: User authentication systems, messaging system, search
engines, product administration, rewrote legacy code
Web and print graphic production:
- Catalogs, postcards, brochures, posters, and promotional materials
- Completed and launched many websites for local small business
- Created logos and brand identity for website clients
General server administration through shell client: web server administration, email
service administration, user maintenance and security.
Freelance | Web Development | present and ongoing
Produced websites for numerous clients including design, programming, hosting and
support. | Web Development | New York City | Feb 1997 - Jun 1997
Internship that became a site development position. Produced HTML and Javascript for
corporate clients.
CERTIFICATIONS / TRAINING: Internship | New York City, NY | Feb - Jun 1997
Red Hat Certified Engineer Training | San Francisco, CA | Mar 2002
iOS/Android game development using Unity3d game engine
3D modeling, animation and rendering using Maya
Various home renovation projects
Mountain biking, snowboarding, skateboarding