Articles 13, 14, 15, 16

Paschal Mystery Unit 2:
Articles 13, 14, 15, 16
Article 13:
• Annunciation• Immaculate Conception-
• Theotokos– Mary was chosen by God
from all the descendants of
Eve to bear Jesus
• All accounts emphasize
Joseph as a righteous
man of faith
• “When he found out
Mary was pregnant he
wanted to divorce her
quietly so that she
would not be subject to
harsh penalties or even
stoned to death”
• Joseph is a model
husband and father
who puts his complete
trust in God
• Career:
– Carpenter
– Stonemason
• Assumed Joseph died
before Jesus’ public
Article 14: The Gospels and
Christological Prophecies
• Foreshadow-
• Christological-
• The Gospel stories of Jesus
fulfill many Old Testament
Messianic Prophecies:
– “The Savior will be born in
– “The Savior will be full of
zeal for God’s house, the
– “The Savior will come into
his glory arriving on a
Article 15: Why the Word Became
• Analogy of Faith-
• The Pachal Mystery could
not have happened without
the Incarnation, and
without the Paschal Mystery
there is no need for the
• Incarnation-
Incarnation cont.
• Nincene Creed, “For us
men and for our
salvation…he was born
of the Virgin Mary and
became man.”
• 100% God or (Fully)
• 100% Man or (Fully)
– Or “Truly”
• “The Incarnation is a
mystery to us, but at
the time appointed by
God, Jesus Christ, the
Word of God, became
• “True Man” refers to his
humanity, not
Reasons for the Incarnation
• To Reconcile Us with God
through the Forgiveness of
– Expiation-
• That We Might Know the
Depth of God’s Love:
– “For God so loved the world
that he gave his only Son…”
(John 3:16)
Reasons for the Incarnation
• To Be Our Model of
• To Make Us Partakers of
the Divine Nature:
Reasons for the Incarnation
• To Destroy the Power of
the Devil:
Article 16: The Titles Say It All
• 1) Jesus-
• 3)Son of God-
• 2)Christ-
• 4)Lord-