PLEASE NOTE: This is a generic syllabus for HIST 1333 to be used as a simplified example.
It does not include many details such as test dates, office hours, or specific texts or assignments.
HIST 1333 Survey of Western Civilization I
Office Hours:
Graduate Assistant (if applicable):
Course Objective: The goal of this course is to provide an overview of the major events and trends in
western civilization up to the eighteenth century, or modern era. It is an introductory course; no prior
knowledge is assumed. Faculty here may add more specific goals, objectives and expectations.
Textbook: All faculty use a college-level textbook in HIST 1333 although the specific textbook
is at the faculty member’s discretion, with approval by the chair. Some of the textbooks used by
faculty include (but are not limited to): Coffin, Judith G., and Robert C. Stacey, Western Civilizations
and Jackson J. Spielvogel, Western Civilization
If the instructor desires the students to read any other material, it will be listed here as either
“Required” or “Recommended” Reading.
Course policies: Here faculty indicate the policies they follow in this course including (but not
limited to): attendance policy, including any penalties for absences/tardiness; expectations for the
quality of assignments, including length of papers, due dates for assignments, and penalties for
late work or missed assignments; grading policy; and expectations that the students will observe
the MSU Honor Code including penalties for cheating and/or plagiarism.
Course Content: Faculty here indicate the specifics of how they will cover the course content
outlined in the Core Course Documentation, including (but not limited to): lecture topics, reading
assignments, due dates for assignments, exam dates, and any other learning strategies the
instructor might wish to explicitly schedule for the class.