Beowulf Creative Writing Final Assessment

Beowulf Narrative Writing Assignment
Students will demonstrate their knowledge of Beowulf’s themes, style, and literary elements by
creating an original narrative composition that exhibits those traits.
Lenovo computer (Microsoft Word or Google Docs)
Got Problems? Are you and your family plagued by unspeakable evil? You need an epic hero.
1. Using Beowulf as an example, create your own, original, epic hero. Your story should be between
1.5 to 2 pages (12-point font, double-spaced) and contain the following:
A. Hero (with at least 3 ‘heroic’ traits)
B. Monster
C. Setting
D. A Battle
E. Victory Celebration
F. Three different literary elements (kenning, foreshadowing, alliteration, simile,
imagery, etc…)
2. Bring your characters to life and help the reader visualize your setting. Creativity is an absolute
must! Introduce your character and flow naturally through a progression of events, rather than
moving randomly from event to event. Be sure your ending makes sense and fits with the rest of the
3. Identify the literary elements used in the margins of your piece. Please highlight or underline the
specific lines to draw attention to them.
Grading: (Total: 50 Points)
You will be graded using the following rubric:
Name:___________________ Period:_______ Date: _____________
Total Possible:
Format (length, font, spacing)
10 points
Setting (imagery)
5 points
Monster (descriptive, conflict)
5 points
Hero (3 traits)
5 points
Battle (imagery, action, result)
5 points
Victory Celebration
5 points
3 literary devices
15 points
50 points
Student Score: