Goal Team 4 Table Notes on Eight Taxonomy

Combined Goal Team Meeting
October 22, 2010
Goal Organizational Morning Sessions
Goal Team 4 Table Notes
Table 16
Goal Team 4
Moderator: Rachel Allen
Recorder: Craig Blazejewski
Combined with Table 18
Table 17
Goal Team 4
Moderator: Mike Bosley
Recorder: Leslie Golden
External Question 1
 Because of new normal,” years need to change
 Further defining change and what it means
 Specific needs / areas like Workforce Development, technology, etc.
 “Significant” should focus on students & community & what they deem
External Question 2
 Using partnerships we currently have to create new partnerships – serve as a
link between partners
 Make determination of what detracts all or proposition, rather than and
 Is detract the right word?
External Question 3
 Issue of competitions is even more important now because of trends towards
for profit institutions and criticism of them
 Competitions with in terms of resource development, particularly in
 How can Valencia get more than its fair share of higher level donors?
 How do competitors negatively impact Valencia & our abilities to serve our
 For Goal 4, we have to broaden scope of who competitors are because every
educational & non-educational organization in town is counting the same
 Competitors for environment are different than competitors for community
partners and philanthropic dollars
 Example of Allied Health and Nursing programs competing with hospitals for
 Convenience for students may override being in our service area in terms of
their choosing a competition over us
 Is there an issue of our competitors preparing our students better than we
 Who do our students think our competitors are?
 We need to look at particular areas of service provided by our competitors so
we can compare ourselves at different points on the spectrum and in multiple
External Question 4
 No one would have predicted that we would end up where we are
 Clients – Valencia Enterprises, where we train more than educate
 Do we strategize difficulty with respect to clients than with students?
 All students are the same for purposes of this
Tables 18 & 16
Goal Team 4
Moderator: Rachel Allen
Recorder: Donna Marino & Craig Blazejewski
Continuing collab, _______, restricting access to higher ed – preparation - _______
change perception
Internally we are ______ - does that mean transfer to UCF or something
How do we make sure there is an _________ on Workforce Development?
The perception is higher ed does not include workforce development [cc is
not synonymous with higher ed.]
Is the new normal – definition – expand definition to include…”and workforce
Community college is not synonymous with higher ed. expand the definition
to include workforce development
Correct students relates to an internal question; prospective students implies
an external question [could be broken into two parts / questions]
Concern: changing the perceptions of “community college”
Current student (internal) student experience → internal
Prospective student (external) access → external
Revise to address
o What are the actions that need to be taken to change perception…
o What actions affect the perception of…
Clarify the question…”what measures of learning are available to us?”
o Clarify
What do we offer that is value added and how do we measure it?
Know the difference of why students drop out and why do they succeed
Question is
o Setup ____ that help students succeed
 First part
 Second part is only to be asked after we answer the first
Questions to guide data analysis
Community college is not synonymous with higher education
Expand the definitions to include Workforce Development – where does
Work. Dev. fit in?
Current students (internal) students experience → internal
Prospective students (external) → access → external
Break question into two parts
o Question needs to be changed to explore: what actions we take to
change perceptions
o What are we going to do to change perceptions?
First part is valid: second art is to be asked after we answer the first
question; not together
Know the difference of why students drop out and why / how they succeed
Who are our students? How do they experience learning?
Valid. All encompassing. Just massive question. Separate to 7 questions
Table 19
Goal Team 4
Moderator: Barbara Frazier
Recorder” Christie Pickeral
External #1
 Add Question – how will we know?
 What are the “listening posts?” What instruments to measure those changes?
o Possibilities – student satisfaction surveys
o Advisory board
External #2
 Add Question
 How do we build new relationships with industries?
 How can we broaden/grow current relationships?
 Need to be intentional about staying connected
External #3
External #4
New Questions
 What message do we send to community?
 How do we define community?
A Ha
Response to External #1
 Economic changes
o Fewer jobs
o Fewer taxes
o More difficult to offer programs
 Who is the customer?
o Answer determines our next decisions
o Employer
o State next university UCF
o Students
External #2
 Some can detract by shifting focus away from goals
 Relationship with UCF is solid
 Need to look and ask what is needed from local industries, not guess
 Let them know what we do
 Are there other industries we are not aware of? How can we reach them?
 What message do we send to the community?
 Need to expand concept of community beyond business to include parents
External #3
 Do we need this question?
 Students come to us because they need us
 Online and proprietary schools growing – need to keep our eye to stay
 Competitors could work together to advocate for CC in state
External #4
 State share will continue to decrease
 Political environment tenuous
 Look to business and industry to sponsor program, school, scholarship,
 Have business + industry + parents speak on our behalf
o Be advocates for community colleges
Table 20
Goal Team 4
Moderator: Elisha Gonzalez Bonnewitz
Recorder: Erin Smith
Strategic conversations with community leaders
The college is what the students experience (designing for them not for us)
 Big picture, and result, reflect back
 Diversity, impact on one person
o What’s the difference that “we” make?
1. Understanding the “new normal” (public / leaders) in higher education
2. How do we build and operate “new normal”
3. Create a new normal (how can Valencia)
Traditional college students today 17%
a. Traditional right out of HS, live on/near campus, work part-time)
b. Comm. college = 60% of all freshman
Orange county 33% comm.. college (other grad from HS)
Access to UCF 75% accepted (10yrs also) (almost “open access”) now 45%
VCC students – mirrors diversity of the community
a. Value prospection
b. VCC create _______ access
c. UCF not cut off from the community
Direct Connect VCC – UCF (biggest move in 25yrs)
Tell the community leaders why they should care = structure change
a. i.e. Upp/Med class students → free (university)
b. Single mothers → Pay their own way (nursing degree)
Financial Aid
How are we understood → what we provide and what it’s so important: why the
community should care
How / what we do is so important
Broader skills for employees
New normal for VCC
 Heavy dependency on tuition, less on state
 Tight budgets
 Keep it cheap but provide access to all (massive growth)
o EC – 30,281
o WC – 28,270
o OSC – 15,876
o WP – 6,805
o Credit ______ ________ 2010
9.4% of total FTE college prep classes – students
Funding budget $4800 FTE (full time equivalent) per student
o ______, GA
o Piedmont, GA
o Broward, FL
#2 Revenue Streams
 Tips to manage tight margins (4% increase per year in tuition)
o Grow tuition & ______
o Increase ____ funds (capital improvements)
o Partner / co-developing
o Change cost structures
o Self service (on-line)
#3 Economic development (skip)
#4 Threshold (70,000 serving students per year)
SL – Student leader > student success course
Internal Questions:
Suggested edits to questions:
#1 Valencia restricts access to higher education by sheer capacity availability
 Responsibility to increase capacity
o Space
o Cost
o Professors
 4,000 → what course / majors (increase space/prof) in those areas
 Public institutions → what barriers (classes just not offered?)
 Need based vs. merit based scholarships
o Factors “turned away” why / how
 College prep, space
 Required: FCAT, transcripts, non-English
o Programs of interest
 Focus on increasing classes / prof
#2 Perceptions of students = Valencia
 Perceptions of access
 Broadening how we sell ourselves
 What we offer → make it known who we serve
#3 “Value Added”
 What is “success” to students
 “ “ “ “ VCC
o Same?
 Competing degree
 Passing a class “C” (?)
 Registering: incomplete / fail
 Drop /withdrawal
o Competitive percent
 Communality of drop out /fail
 Experience of student:
 Characteristics of students: (GPA, single mom, age, disciplined / driven,
living, transportation)
 Too many variables: qualitative vs. quantitative in question