Introduction to the United States Congress Directions: Use your text

Introduction to the United States Congress
Directions: Use your text and notes to answer the following questions. Read each question carefully and
then fill in the blank with the word or words that best complete the sentence or question.
1. The two house of Congress are the _______________ and the _______________ _____
2. Each TERM of Congress lasts for __________ years.
3. Today, a SESSION of Congress lasts almost an entire __________.
4. When the President call a meeting of Congress to deal with a pressing issue, it is said that
Congress meets in a _______________ _______________.
5. In which house of Congress is representation base on population? _______________
6. Congressional elections are held every __________ years.
7. Congressional elections that occur in nonpresidential election years are called
_______________ _______________.
8. _______________ has the most representatives in Congress with 55. North Carolina has
__________ Congressional representatives.
9. ____________________ is the illegal act of drawing Congressional districts to give an electoral
advantage to a specific group or party.
10. List the three (3) qualifications to become a member in the US House of Representatives.
A. _________________________
B. _________________________
C. _________________________
11. How many total members are there in the US House of Representatives? __________
12. How many Senators does each state get to elect? __________
13. The term length for a member of the House is __________. While Senators serve __________
terms. There are no term limits in Congress.
14. List the three (3) qualifications to be a US Senator.
A. _________________________
B. _________________________
C. _________________________
15. The Senate is called a continuous body because only __________ of its members are up for
election at any time.
16. How many Senators does NC have? __________
17. How many members in the US House does NC have? __________
18. After each census, seats in the House of Representatives are _______________, or redistributed
among the states according to changes in population.
19. Today, who are North Carolina’s two (2) US Senators?
A. __________________________
B. __________________________
20. Today who is your Representative in the House? He serves the 8th District.