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Learn Genetics:
What is heredity?
1. How many genes does each of us have?
2. Where are these genes located?
3. Why is each child the same two parents have unique?
What is a trait?
1. List one example of physical trait.
2. List one example of a behavioral trait.
3. What is “predisposition to a medical trait”?
4. What is an allele?
5. What does homozygous mean? List an example of letters that are homozygous.
6. What does heterozygous mean? List an example of letters that are heterozygous.
7. Give an example of incomplete dominance.
8. Most traits are complex traits. What does this mean?
9. For humans, how much (percentage) of our DNA is identical?
What is DNA?
1. What is the shape of DNA? (draw it as well!)
2. What are the pairings of the 4 letters for DNA?
3. What do the DNA code letters stand for?
What is a gene?
1. What is a gene?
2. About how many genes do people have?
What is a chromosome?
1. If you stretched out the DNA in a human body, about how long would it be?
2. What is DNA packaged into?
3. How many chromosomes does each human cell have?
4. What are the sex chromosomes? Explain how a person’s gender is determined.
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