Name: Word Work Week 18 Study Guide Students will be tested on

Name: _____________________________________
Word Work Week 18 Study Guide
Students will be tested on these words and grammar skill on
Misused Words
Students will need to understand the differences between these words and how they are used in
Ant: (n) an insect
I closely observed the ant lifting a crumb off my beach towel.
Aunt: (n) the sister of your father or mother
My aunt and uncle will be visiting us next weekend.
No-Excuse Words
Students must spell these word correctly for the test and in everyday work.
Words of the Day
Students will be introduced to a new word each day and will be responsible for knowing the definition.
This week, all our words will begin with the root ast- which means star
astronaut- a person trained for spaceflight
astronomy- the study of all things outside of the earth’s atmosphere
asterisk- a small star-like symbol *
astrology- the study of the motions and relative positions of the planets, sun, and moon in relationship to
astronomer- a scientist who studies astronomy
Grammar Skill
Students will need to be able to use the following grammar skill appropriately in their writing:
Synonyms and Antonyms
- Synonyms- words that have the same meaning. Example: a synonym of “tired” is “exhausted”
-Antonyms- words that are the opposite of each other. Example: the antonym of “excited” is “bored”.
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