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Our Solar System
Eric and Haley
The Sun
The Sun is like a huge star
 The Sun is in the middle of our solar
 The Sun is essential to all things
 It makes energy that gives heat for all
 It also makes fossil fuels
Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun
 It only takes 88 earth days for Mercury to
orbit the Sun
 A day on Mercury is 59 times longer than
an earth day
 Mercury is very hot during the day and
very cold at night
Venus is called “The twin of earth”
because they are alike
 In the day Venus gets four times hotter
than boiling water
 Venus reflects sunlight making it the
brightest thing in the sky
Earth is the only planet with life
 Which also means it is the only planet with
 24 Earth hours is one Earth day and 365
Earth days is one Earth year
 Our atmosphere protects us from the Suns
harmful rays
Our Moon
Our Moon is many times smaller than
 Many scientists think the Moon used to be
a part of Earth
 The Moon causes Earths ocean tides too
 It reflects light from the sun
Mars is known as the red planet
 The climate is much different than Earths
 The climate changes from 86 F in the
summer to -202F
 There is very little oxygen and water vapor
Jupiter is the biggest planet
 It is mostly made up of gas
 The high winds are all ways stormy
 It is also as wide as three Earths
Saturn is easy to recognize because of
its large rings
 Saturn also has many moons
 It weighs little for how big it is
 Saturn spins very fast though
Uranus appears blue green because of
methane gas in its atmosphere
 Uranus seems to roll around the sun
 Scientists think this might because it hit
another planet like thing
 It takes Uranus 81 Earth years to go
around the sun
Neptune and Uranus are called the twin
giants because their so much alike and big
 Neptune has the fastest winds in our
universe ( 2000 kilometers per hour
 Neptune has one moon and many smaller
 It takes Neptune 165 Earth years to go
around the sun
The End!
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