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VCU University Career Center
Virginia Commonwealth University
Health & Medical Career Resources
Local Employment Resources
Major Area Hospitals:
Additional Health-Related Employment Resources:
 A listing of all major/minor hospitals
in Virginia
 is a small clinic so you will gain wonderful exposure to health
care and public health just by being present
 Listing of Richmond Community
 Directory of
Richmond community health centers
Websites & Resources
Career Exploration & Research
 extensive collection of information about health careers
broken down by area of healthcare
 Medical Career Clusters, Employment information,
Interactive Career Finder
 NIH- educational resources
 Interactive planning resource for any medical field
 AAMC’s list of medical
Job Banks/Resource Identification Websites
 Collection of health related links to a variety of resources
 Guide to Health Careers and Other Related Medical Sites
 Health information resource database
 Alternative health care information
 A collection of health links
Volunteer, Internship, Experiential Resources
 VCU Health System/MCV Hospitals
Volunteer Services
 Colleges and Universities that offer academic
internships or co-ops for biology and medical students
 General medical internship listing site Internship listings at major
medical organizations VCU Pre-health
advising’s collection of resources for health volunteer opportunities in the Richmond area AAMC’s listing of
summer internships International medical internships Virginia AHEC (Area Health Education Centers)
Program Volunteer Opportunities
Job Search Resources
 An international online career service for healthcare job seekers
and health employers
 Find jobs in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and
the life sciences by market
 ACS has a substantial Careers section, including internships and many other jobs
 Health care jobs
 Medical and healthcare jobs
 Absolutely Health Care
 Health Career Web
 For jobs in all health care specialties
 View jobs from hospitals across the country
 access to all available medical and healthcare jobs online
Professional Organizations & Associations
 listing of all health related
organizations’ local Virginia branches
 Directory of Health Professional Associations
 Student Health Professional
 Virginia Osteopathic Medical Association
 The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)
 American Holistic Medical Association
Additional Resources
 A non-profit educational network, maintained by students
 Search extensive job info for postdoctoral,
university and science jobs
 The AAMCs resource for
specialties for physicians
 VCU med school resource for
 National Residency Match Program information
 MCAT Information
Questions? Please contact Sara Kohout, Pre-health and MCV Career Consultant at
or 804-827-0414.