Unit 10 Study Guide

Mr. Kelly & Mr. Waterman
Study Guide
Unit 10 – The Information Age
Even though you didn’t buy books 5 and 6 for this course, we’ve been using them to build the
fourth quarter’s content. Our Unit 10 covered parts of chapters 34 through 38. Here’s the
link to the text book’s website.
Multiple Choice
The multiple choice section will have 40 questions. A list of topics that you should know for
the test is at the bottom. All of the PowerPoints are up on SharePoint if you’d like to review
any of the course material.
There will be 20 multiple choice questions on the following (Author’s name is underlined if
there are questions about him/her):
 James Baldwin, “Sonny’s Blues”
 Ernest Hemingway, “A Clean, Well-lighted Place”
 Philip K. Dick, “A Little Something for Us Tempunaunts,” film noir, and Blade Runner
 Ursala Le Guin, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas”
 Shirley Jackson, “The Lottery”
There will be 6 plot questions on films we watched: Do the Right Thing, Blade Runner, and
Forrest Gump. Finally there will be 14 content questions from Mr. Waterman’s lectures.
Short Answer
In addition to the multiple choice questions, there will be three quotes from the above texts.
You will need to identify both title and author as well as discuss significance in relation to the
plot and overall themes of the work. The written portion will also have three short answer
questions. The questions will cover the following:
 Use of cinematography in a film we’ve viewed
 Pop art as a genre of modern art
 The role of music in the 1960s
Pop art
Judy Chicago
 Feminism
 Stereotypes
 The 1960s
 Jazz
 Bebop
 Rock & Roll
 Heavy Metal
 Rap
 Cinematography