Student A - Liberty-Benton Local Schools

High School
2015 Presentation
College Credit Plus
 CCP replaces Ohio’s Post-Secondary
Enrollment Options program (PSEOP)
and all alternative dual enrollment programs
previously governed by Ohio Revised Code
Chapter 3365.
 Gov. Kasich signed House Bill 487 into law on
June 16, 2014.
 CCP program operational 2015/16 school year.
College Credit Plus Participation
• All public districts (high schools) and public institutions of
higher education (IHE) must allow college-ready students,
grades 7-12, who qualify for college admission to
• All nonpublic postsecondary schools may participate.
• Each participating IHE must consistently apply its
established admission standards. In conjunction with those
standards and prior to making a final admission decision,
the IHE shall evaluate the student against one of the
standards identified in the "Uniform Statewide Standards
for Remediation-Free Status.”
College Credit Plus Participation
 Students must be enrolled in grades 7-12
 Parents & students must attend a CCP information meeting
 Sign & return the “Intent to Participate Form” by April 1st
 File a CCP application with interested IHE
 Submit transcript to IHE
 Register and successfully complete COMPASS, ACT or SAT
 Attend a CCP registration session at the IHE
College Credits & Carnegie Units (HS)
1 semester credit
2 semester credits
3 or more credits
high school
.33 credit
.66 credit
1 credit
 Total college semester credits cannot exceed 30 per
academic year.
 High school credits are multiplied by 3 then subtracted
from 30 to determine available college hours.
Conversion Example
Student A : takes 5 credits at LBHS
5 x 3 = 15
30 – 15 =15
This student could take 15 semester hours at the college.
Student B: takes 7 credits at LBHS
7 x 3 = 21
30 – 21 = 9
This student could take 9 semester hours at the college.
Student C: takes 6.5 credits at LBHS
6.5 x 3 = 19.5
30 – 19.5 = 10.5
This student could take 10 hours at the college. (there is no ½ in college)
Possible Concerns
Student/Parent or Guardian is responsible
Vacation days at the high school & IHE school may not coincide
Attendance is the student’s responsibility
Financial obligations become the parent/student responsibility
- Late withdrawal from the class
- Student does not receive a passing grade.
Possible Concerns
Qualifying for Graduation
A failure to successfully complete a CCP course may result in delay of
High School Extra-Curricular Activities
Schedules may not align to allow participation in all activities
Social Aspect
High school students will face new challenges emotionally and socially
Parental Access and FERPA-CCP
Students are treated as adults and own their education records once they
set foot on a college campus.
No access to ProgressBook
Advantages of CCP
 Opportunity to take courses not offered at high school
 Chance to experience college-level work and college life
prior to graduation
 Receive both high school and college credits at no cost to you
Withdrawal from CCP
 Student is responsible to file withdrawal forms with IHE.
 Student is responsible for all financial obligations from
late withdrawal.
 Withdrawal after two weeks into the term will result in a
WF appearing on high school transcript. This will count
as an F on high school transcript and the cost of the
course will be billed to the student.
 Student must meet with high school counselor to create
new schedule.
 CCP application online
Deadline: April 15, 2015
 3.25 overall GPA.
 Books are loaned ~ MUST be returned.
 High School students must attend CCP
orientation in May. After orientation, students
may schedule, this is before BGSU students.
 CCP application – Deadline: April 1, 2015
 2.5 overall GPA.
 Test Scores:
ACT – 20 composite
SAT – 950 composite critical reading & math
PSAT – 141 composite crit. reading, math & writing
Compass – Reading – 88
– Algebra – 52
 Books are loaned ~ MUST be returned.
 High School students schedule after UF students.
 CCP application – Deadline: April 1, 2015
 Test Scores:
ACT or SAT score is required
Compass is not accepted
 Books MUST be returned to LBHS at end of course.
 High School students schedule after ONU students.
 Application – one time Deadline: June 1, 2015
 Course requirements and prerequisites must be followed.
Compass Test
Reading: 74
Writing: 69
Math: 52
Reading: 21
English: 18
Math: 22
 Books MUST be returned to LBHS at end of course.
 Schedule classes same as all Owens’ students
 Students need to participate in an Owens orientation yearly.
CCP at L-B
• Classes are taught here at L-B by L-B teachers who are
university adjunct professors.
• Application is made to the university through L-B
Guidance Office and acceptance is completely up to
Ohio Northern University @ Liberty-Benton
• Intro to Dance 1 L-B credit / TADN 1101- 2 ONU hours
This is a part of the College Core transfer module.
Rhodes State College @ Liberty-Benton
• Adv. Chemistry
• Am. History I
• Am. History II
• C.A.D. I
• Physics
• Spanish II
• Spanish III
• Spanish IV
• Spanish V
• Statistics
1 L-B credit ~ CHM 1110 Rhodes 4 semester credits
.5 L-B credit ~ HIST 1610 Rhodes 3 semester credits
.5 L-B credit ~ HIST 1620 Rhodes 3 semester credits
1 L-B credit ~ HUM 1601 Rhodes 4 semester credits
1 L-B credit ~ HUM1602 Rhodes 3 semester credits
1 L-B credit ~ MET 1000 Rhodes 4 semester credits
1 L-B credit ~ PHY 1120 Rhodes 4 semester credits
1 L-B credit ~ SPN 1010 Rhodes 3 semester credits
1 L-B credit ~ SPN 1020 Rhodes 3 semester credits
1 L-B credit ~ SPN 2010 Rhodes 3 semester credits
1 L-B credit ~ SPN 2020 Rhodes 3 semester credits
1 L-B credit ~ MTH 1260 Rhodes 3 semester credits
Transferability vs. Applicability
Transferability: If you earn a C or higher on a college
course it will transfer to another college.
Applicability: The course is the equivalent to the course
needed in the Program of Study at the college you choose
to pursuing it at.
Which one is it????
U-Select Course Applicability System
Before you spend the extra effort and
money – be sure the course is
applicable to the program of study you
plan to pursue.
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