Age of Isms
Review Packet
OpenerIdentify as many artists and artwork names as you can in the space below:
Music ReviewIn the chart below, identify the composer and title of the works being played. As you listen to each piece, sketch an
image of the composition that will help you remember the name of the work.
Song Titles:
Claire de Lune
Ride of the Valkaries
Swan Lake (Dance of the Four Swans)
Composer Names:
Song Title
Composer Name
Age of Isms
Review Packet
Activity Page
Complete the directions in each square to demonstrate your knowledge of the content!
Draw a house as Van Gogh
Draw Degas’ favorite
would draw it.
subject to paint.
The Night Cafe
Draw an image in the style
of Goya.
The Thinker
Draw an image of Cassatt’s
typical subject matter.
The Gross Clinic
Answer this question using text.
Why did Nora slamming the door
on her past life “echo across the
theaters of Europe?”
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of
La Grande Jatte
Impression: Sunrise
How do the drums in Bolero
represent a historic event?
Identify and describe a
Romantic ballet.
The Hay Wain
Draw two symbols that Gauguin
uses to show that he is both good
and bad in his self-portrait.
Write your name as Seurat
would in a painting.
Draw an image that represents
the following title: Claire de Lune.
Why was a doll house used
as a symbol for Nora in A
Doll’s House?
Draw an example of how Monet
would show one object at
different times of the day.
Death of Sardanapouls
Age of Isms
Review Packet
Question and Answer
As you follow along with the PPT, answer the following questions. STUDY these for your exam!
1) Who was Constable?
2) What is the theme of Pygmalion?
3) Which Russian composer wrote for the “classical ballet”?
4) What did Romanticism focus on?
5) In Debussy’s Claire de Lune what color category did he use?
6) Why did people have romantic views of the English countryside?
7) Who was Courbet?
8) What is corps de ballet?
9. What is Thomas Eakins known for doing in his university classroom?
10. What symbols are shown in Courbet’s painting, Interior of My Studio- Seven Years of My Life as an Artist?
11. Who is Manet?
12. The Luncheon on the Grass was controversial for what reason?
13. What kinds of plays did Henrik Ibsen write?
14. What was Eugene Delacroix known for in his paintings?
15. The Death of Saradanapalus is considered a Romantic painting for what reason?
16. What types of paintings did Francisco Goya paint?
17. Name Wagner’s four-opera masterpiece.
18. What is a Romantic Play?
19. Which American artist focused on “womanly” topics?
20. How are Impressionist characteristics shown in Rodin’s use of media?
21. What element of music does Ravel use in the waltz to show the chaos in Europe after World War One?
22. What was Wagner’s concept of “opera being a synthesis of all the arts” called?
23. What were the innovations to ballet during Romanticism?
24. How is the Romantic period different from the Neo-Classic period?
Age of Isms
Review Packet
25. How did Monet work with light in his paintings?
26. Describe Impressionism.
27. What timbre does Ravel use to symbolize the Industrial Revolution in Bolero?
28. What is Pointillism?
29. How are art elements used in The Hay Wain to glorify the English countryside?
30. What art elements are used by Van Gogh in the Starry Night?
31. What is a Melodrama Play?
32. How does Van Gough use movement and rhythm in Starry Night?
33. What are the 5 I’s of Romanticism?
34. What did Van Gogh use elements such as twisting lines for?
35. What symbols does Gauguin use in his self-portrait?
36. How are Impressionism and Post-Impressionism different?
37. Japan’s artwork influenced which painters during the Impressionism period?
38. How did photography influence Realism?
39. What theme was commonly used during the Romantic period to the Post-Impressionistic period?
40. Which artist fit into both the Realist period and the Impressionistic period?
41. What artist would blend the medium of visual art with an obsession of movement?
42. Renoir felt his paintings were finished when?
Exit Slip: Complete these questions as you watch the Gross Bounce
1) What is the subject of the Gross Clinic?
2) Why is it considered realistic?
3) What medical innovations are shown in this clip?
4) Why was the patient wearing blue socks?