2013-14 Final Report

1. Elect a chair and email this selection to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of Liberal Studies, Dean of
CTE/STEM, and the Chair of the FAEC. Laura Campbell will serve as secretary.
Josette Katz was elected chair.
2. Review these charges to be sure that (1) the recommended charges of the previous year were addressed, (2) minutes of
all meetings conducted in the previous year were submitted online to
http://venus.atlantic.edu/facultyassembly/minutes/upload (username - xxxxx; password – xxxx), (3) all normal standing
charges are included, (4) the charges listed are correct, still valid and properly placed, (5) charges that were completed
aren’t repeated and (6) the charges are clear. Email corrections and changes to the Secretaries of the FAEC.
Charges were reviewed. Meeting minutes are being posted on the Curriculum Committee’s web page.
3. Minutes of the committee meetings should be submitted to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of Liberal
Studies and Dean of CTE/STEM. An additional copy of all committee meeting minutes shall be submitted to the
Chair of the FAEC electronically via http://venus.atlantic.edu/facultyassembly/minutes/upload (username - xxxxx;
password – xxxx) under the appropriate committee category. Minutes of all meetings and a description of your
activities should be posted on Atlantic Cape’s website, along with a list of members. A progress report is due by
December 15. A year-end report is due by the end of May. Reports should also be uploaded to the web.
Meeting minutes and current versions of all Forms are posted to the Curriculum Committee’s web page along
with the membership list for 2013-14.
4. Submit recommendations for next year’s charges to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of Liberal Studies,
Dean of CTE/STEM, and the Chair of the FAEC.
The Committee agreed that Charge #10 should be removed. J. Katz stated that O. Hernandez may have
several new charges for the Committee in 2014-15.
5. Review changes in curriculum (courses, programs, & professional series) submitted by departments and forward
recommendations to the VP of Academic affairs. Ensure there is no course duplication. Ensure that all new courses
and programs, and any changes to existing courses and programs, are consistent with the mission of the College, meet
College-wide standards and policies, and conform to all State and licensing regulations. Ensure that all courses
contain four categories: Learning Goals, Student Learning Outcomes, Learning Objectives, and Assessment
Strategies. The syllabus included with all submissions should demonstrate alignment of the Learning Objectives with
the Student Learning Outcomes, the Student Learning Outcomes with the Learning Goals, and the Assessment
Strategies with the Student Learning Outcomes.
Ongoing. See attached list of Curriculum approvals. Curriculum forms A, B, C, and D were updated at the
beginning of the year.
6. Keep the general education subcommittee active to review general education offerings. Elect a chair of the General
Education Subcommittee and email this selection to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of Liberal Studies,
Dean of CTE/STEM, and the Chair of the FAEC. The secretary of the Curriculum Committee will serve as
Subcommittee secretary.
J. Taggart was elected as chair of the General Education Subcommittee. The Committee met on 11/22/13 to
review courses submitted for integrated goals consideration and one course for initial general education
approval. Approved courses have been submitted to the sector.
The final outcome of the external approval process is attached to the minutes of 11/22/13.
7. Continue to review the definition and criteria for special topics courses. Review the procedures for Special Topics
course proposals.
After discussion, the Committee decided that no changes would be made to the current process of submitting
Special Topics courses to the Committee. A new course “shell” will come before the committee on a Form A for
a vote. Once the shell has been approved, each new topic’s syllabus will continue to be submitted to the
Committee as an FYI item, however, the syllabus must follow the standardized syllabus format.
8. Review current Liberal Arts courses and identify the criteria for future Liberal Arts course proposals.
9. Contact four year schools to see how course level affects transferability of courses.
J. Katz spoke with W. Gray to see if there have been any course numbering issues for transfer and if there are
any reasons for us to consider changing our course numbers. W. Gray informed her that we have a relatively
seamless transfer for our students. If any schools have questions, a syllabus is sent out for review. If a course
with the same title is offered at a higher level at the four-year institution, the school usually transfers our course
as a program elective.
10. The curriculum committee will form a Student Success Initiative subcommittee. The subcommittee is to be charged
with working with the faculty to aid in the design and implementation of curricular initiatives intended to increase
graduation rates.
At the April meeting, M. Levy updated the group on the College’s current student success initiatives. He
indicated that an additional committee isn’t required at this time, however, the Curriculum Committee does
contributes to the SSI through its review of courses and programs.
Approved Curriculum Proposals:
Airplane Flight Instructor Certificate (3/13/14) – Will not be included in AY14-15 catalog-Missed state approval deadlines
Preschool-Grade 3 Option, Liberal Arts, A.A. (10/10/13)
Professional Helicopter Pilot Option, Aviation Studies, A.S. (4/10/14)
Air Traffic Control Terminal, A.A.S. (3/14/14)
Communication, A.A. (2/25/14)
Computer Security Specialist Prof. Series (5/8/14)
Computer Systems Support, A.A.S. (5/8/14)
New Media Studies, A.A.S. (12/12/13 & 5/8/14)
Professional Pilot Option, Aviation Studies, A.S. (3/14/14)
Computer Security Certificate (4/10/14)
Paralegal Studies, A.S. (4/10/14)
Technical Studies, A.A.S. (4/10/14)
AVIT135-Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems (3/13/14)
AVIT185-Remote Sensing Using Unmanned Aerial Systems (3/13/14)
AVIT101-Experiential Flight (3/13/14)
AVIT103-Simulated Flight (3/13/14)
AVIT200-Aeronautical Skills (3/13/14)
AVIT145-Private Pilot Helicopter (3/13/14)
AVIT255-Instrument Pilot Helicopter (3/13/14)
AVIT265-Commercial Pilot Helicopter (3/13/14)
AVIT275-Fundamentals of Flight Instruction (3/13/14)
AVIT278-Airplane Flight Instructor (3/13/14)
CISM145-Computer Networking (5/8/14)
CISM149-Computer Hardware (5/8/14)
CISM176-Systems Security Methods (2/25/14)
CISM179-Windows Server (5/8/14)
CISM229-Windows Server Administration (5/8/14)
CISM269-Advanced Windows Server (5/8/14)
CISM295-Internship in Information Technology (5/8/14)
CRIM120-Victimless Crime (2/25/14)
CRIM130-The Criminal Court System (3/13/14)
ARTS/COMM106-Film History (2/25/14)
COMM107–Popular Music & Radio History (2/25/14)
ENGL230-Technical Writing (5/8/14)
AERG101-Introduction to Engineering (change alpha to ENGR) (2/25/14)
AERG200-Engineering Design (change alpha to ENGR) (2/25/14)
AERG201-Statics (change alpha to ENGR) (2/25/14)
AERG202-Solid Mechanics (change alpha to ENGR) (2/25/14)
AERG204-Dynamics (change alpha to ENGR) (2/25/14)
ALPS099-Accelerated Learning Program (description, alpha changed to ENGL) (3/13/14)
AVIT210-Private Pilot (practicum hrs, description) (3/13/14)
AVIT240-Instrument Pilot (credits, description, prerequisite) (3/13/14)
AVIT280-Commercial Pilot (credits, prerequisite) (3/13/14)
BIOL203-Microbiology (prerequisite change) (5/8/14)
CISM222-Issues in Computer Security (prereq. change) (5/8/14)
CDCC104-Infant and Toddler Development: Theory & Applications (practicum hrs, description) (4/10/14)
CDCC/EDUC115-Planning the Preschool Curriculum (cross-listed with EDUC; description) (10/10/13)
CDCC/EDUC130-Early Childhood Practicum (cross-listed with EDUC; description) (10/10/13)
COMM/TVRF230-Visual Communication (prereq; cross-listed with COMM; course level changed to 130) (12/12/13, 5/8/14)
CUBP110-Fundamentals of Baking (prerequisite) (10/10/13)
CUBP227-Retail Bakery Production and Management (lab hours) (4/10/14)
CDCC/EDUC103-Roles of the Early Childhood Professional (title change & cross-listed) (10/10/13)
ECON110-Macroeconomics (title change from Principles of Economics I) (11/14/13)
ECON111-Microeconomics (title change from Principles of Economics II) (11/14/13)
EDUC/PSYC110-Child Development: Theory and Practice (cross-listing chg from CDCC/PSYC; description) (10/10/13)
ESLN074-Vocabulary Strategies (title changed to Reading and Vocabulary) (5/8/14)
HOSP100-Orientation to Hospitality and Tourism (prereq. change) (5/8/14)
TVRF103-Television Production I (prerequisite) (11/14/13)
TVRF180-Radio Production I (prerequisite) (11/14/13)
TVRF295-Internship in New Media Studies (credit hrs change) (5/8/14)
AVIT125-Special Topics in Aviation Studies (Spring 2013 topic: Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems)
ENGL212-Significant Themes in Literature (Spring 2015 topic: Tracing Fairy Tales) (5/8/14)
ARTS105 – Film History and Appreciation (2/25/14)
TVRF225-New Media Studies (12/12/13)
General Education Subcommittee
of the Curriculum Committee
Year End Report
The General Education Subcommittee met on 11/22/13 to review courses. The following members were
in attendance: R. Benner, T. Boghosian, C. Knowles-Harrigan, P. Manns, J. Otterburn-Martinez, B.
Sanders-Rabinowitz, J. Sacchinelli (for L. Lemons), J. Taggart. Secretary, L. Campbell.
Below are the courses that were considered by the Committee. All courses approved by the Committee
were forwarded to Dr. Wexler for final internal approval. The approved courses will be submitted to the
sector groups for final approval.
MATH225-Calculus for Business, Economics and Life Sciences-Category: Math
ARTS103-Art Appreciation- Information Literacy
ARTS108-Art History from Ancient Times to the Gothic Period-Ethical Reasoning & Action /
Information Literacy
CISM125-Introduction to Computers –Ethical Reasoning & Action
ECON110-Macroeconomics-Ethical Reasoning & Action
ENGL101-Composition I-Information Literacy
ENGL102-Composition II-Information Literacy
MUSC100-Music Appreciation- Information Literacy
PHIL102-Introduction to Philosophy- Ethical Reasoning & Action/ Information Literacy
PHIL105-World Myths and Legends- Ethical Reasoning & Action/ Information Literacy
PHIL110-Introduction to Ethics- Ethical Reasoning & Action/ Information Literacy
PHIL111-World Systems of Ethics- Ethical Reasoning & Action/ Information Literacy
RELG110-World Religions- Ethical Reasoning & Action/ Information Literacy
RELG111-World Systems of Ethics- Ethical Reasoning & Action/ Information Literacy
ENGL201-World Literature-Ethical Reasoning & Action
The Committee did not see enough “ethics” in the wording of the Outcomes. Course can be resubmitted.
Committee suggests rewording the outcomes to more strongly demonstrate ethically reasoning.
ARTS103-Art Appreciation-Ethical Reasoning & Action
The Committee did not see enough “ethics” in the wording of the Outcomes. Course can be resubmitted
after outcomes have been reworded to include language from the “Gen Ed. Foundation” and “Guiding
Principles” documents.
(See next page for outcome of external approval)
4/16/14 - UPDATE: Outcome of External Approval Process
ARTS 103
Art Appreciation
ARTS 108
Art History from the Ancient to the
Gothic Era
Information Literacy
Ethical Reasoning and Action
Information Literacy
CISM 125
Introduction to Computers
Ethical Reasoning and Action
ECON 110
ENGL 101
ENGL 102
Composition I
Composition II
Calculus for Business, Economics
and Life Sciences
Music Appreciation
Introduction to Philosophy
World Myths and Legends
Introduction to Ethics
World System of Ethics
Information Literacy
Information Literacy
Information Literacy
Information Literacy: Approved
Ethical Reasoning and Action:
Information Literacy: Approved
Ethical Reasoning and Action:
Information Literacy: Approved
Information Literacy: Approved
Information Literacy: Approved
Mathematics: Approved
Information Literacy
Ethical Reasoning and Action
Ethical Reasoning and Action
Ethical Reasoning and Action
Ethical Reasoning and Action
Information Literacy: Approved
Ethical Reasoning: Approved
Ethical Reasoning: Approved
Ethical Reasoning: Approved
Ethical Reasoning: Approved
MUSC 100
PHIL 102
PHIL 105
PHIL 110
PHIL 111
PHIL102, PHIL105, PHIL110, and PHIL111, and RELG110, were NOT approved for Information Literacy because the
AAAG GE Committee determined that the courses did not contain a learning outcome in which students were
engaged in a number of the components of information literacy: identify and address an information need;
access information effectively and efficiently; evaluate and think critically about the information and use
information effectively for specific purpose; and use information ethically and legally.
The Arts/Humanities department is welcome to revise & resubmit these courses for a future meeting.
The AAAG GE Committee acknowledged that RELG 111 is the same course as PHIL 111 but RELG 111 is
NOT on the detailed list of GE courses by college maintained on the CCC website. A NJCCC General
Education Approval Form to Request Initial GE Course Status will need to be submitted to have the course
added to the approved list of GE courses.