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Academic Programs Sub-Committee

Form 2: Request for Program Modification or Deletion

Proposal Number FA14-908

Date of Proposal Submission: June 12, 2014

Contact Person: Todd R. Gold & Joseph Cole

Title and Phone Number of Contact Person: Dean, CAHMI 501-812-2861 —Dean, Fine Arts & Humanities 501-812-2243

NOTE: Program modifications are NOT retroactive to preceding semesters or catalogs.

A. Please indicate if this is a:

Program Modification

Program Deletion




NO Complete Sections A, B, C, H, J, K

Please refer to the list below and check those that apply to this proposal


B. Program Information

Changing the Name of the Program

Adding, eliminating, or substantially modifying courses required for the program

Adding an option or concentration within the program

Eliminating a requirement for completion

Changing the focus, design, location, format, mode of delivery or calendar of a program

Altering the general education content in a way that changes the program

Changing the number of credits required for the program

Discontinuing a program

Changing the admission criteria for a program

Changing the criteria for progression for a program

Other: Please state: replace CIS 1103 with SPCH 1300 as a General Education requirement

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Program name: AAS in Culinary Arts; AAS in Baking & Pastry Arts; AAS in Hospitality Management

Division: CAHMI

Number of Credits impacted by this change: 0

Number of Credits required to complete the program: 66

CIP Code (refer to ): 12.0503; 12.0503; 52.0901

Does this program prepare students for any professional licensure or external certification? If so, please list: yes

Culinary —Certified Culinarian from American Culinary Federation Education Foundation;

Baking —Certified Pastry Culinarian from American Culinary Federation Education Foundation;


—Certified Hospitality Graduate from the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration

Does the change add a new distance education format to the program? yes If Yes, complete section G.

C. Narrative. Please include the following where appropriate

Description of the change: replace CIS 1103 with SPCH 1300 as a General Education requirement

Rationale for the change : SPCH 1300 is required for a Bachelor’s degree while CIS 1103 is not

Effective date of all proposed changes: Spring 2015

If the program is a degree, are there Technical Certificates or Certificates of Proficiency that will be impacted? no

If the answer to the question above is YES, please list the certificates and explain the impact.

D. Side-by-side Comparison of Old/New Course Sequence, if applicable

Current Sequence Proposed Sequence

First Semester

Course Credits

First Semester

Course Credits

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Second Semester


CIS 1103 Computer Concepts

Third Semester


Fourth Semester





SPCH 1300 Speech Communications 3


E. Faculty

Complete the following table:

New/Revised Courses

SPCH 1300

Second Semester


Third Semester


Fourth Semester


Faculty who will teach them

PTC Speech faculty member




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F. Resources: Please list any new resources that will be required to support this modification:







Capital Expenses

Classroom Space

Media Equipment

Specialized hardware/software

Technical Support


Total All


Class can be taught in CAHMI classroom


G. Online Course Design/Delivery (Complete the table below only if there are online components that will change).

Document discussions with Director of Distance Education and Senior Academic Technology Officer by their signatures below.


Describe online components (hybrid?) On line or on campus speech class as

Describe any third-party vendors is now

Describe course design

Describe level of technical support for online components

Is more than 50% of the program offered online? no


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Signature Director of Distance


Signature of Senior Academic

Technology Officer

H. Other Divisional Impacts

If other divisions are impacted by this change(s), include evidence of engagement with them. See letter/email of support from Dean Cole

I. Catalog Information: No changes

Please provide the following information as it will be published in the Catalog

Updated program description

Updated program requirements

Course Descriptions for New/Revised Courses

Course Title

Course Title

Course Title

Course Title

Course Description

Course Description

Course Description

Course Description

J. Division Approvals:

Please detail the process/results to obtain division approval. If there were dissenting votes, please describe the rationale for them. no dissenting in CAHMI

K. Program Discontinuation

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If the proposal is to discontinue a program, please describe the following:

Program Viability Information

Number of students currently enrolled

Anticipated date of graduation for students

Plans to accommodate currently enrolled students

L. Please provide the following submission and approval information:

Approvals as Required

Academic Programs Sub-Committee

Academic Affairs Standing Committee

Quality Council

Vice President for Learning



PTC Board of Trustees

ADHE Coordinating Board

Department of Education

Higher Learning Commission

Department of Education

Date Submitted Date Approved

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