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Credit Flexibility
You have expressed an interest in completing a credit flexibility education option. The requirements and scoring guide for
this type of credit are outlined below. If you are pursuing a physical education credit, you need to incorporate the five
areas of fitness – cardiovascular, endurance, flexibility, nutrition and strength throughout your project.
1.) Portfolio – 40% of grade.
Please submit in an organized and focused format a portfolio that provides evidence of learning that
meets the criteria established at the time of the Credit Flex approval. The committee wants to see evidence that
documents growth over time toward achievement of your learning goals. The following components must be
included with the portfolio:
a. Table of contents
b. Hours log signed by mentor (see attached)
c. Evidence of learning – can included but is not limited to:
documentation of interviews/activities, journaling, letter of recommendations, drawings/photos,
lab results, video/audio clips, written work samples, copies of specific testing or data, reading
logs, self-assessments.
2.) Mentor Evaluation Report – 10% of grade (see attached)
3.) Reflection Paper – 30% of grade
Your paper should be a thoughtful evaluation of your learning. We will expect 1 1/2 -2 pages per
quarter credit requested. Please include an introduction (what did you do, where did you go, how often, with
whom did you work). The body of the paper should address how this learning opportunity fit with your personal
learning style and/or future goals. Discuss the highlights of your experience and its effect on you. Reflect on
aspects of your experience that could have been improved. Discuss new knowledge gained and/or resources
discovered as a result of your experience. Reflect on how your new skills and/or knowledge apply to real-life
situations that you may encounter. And in conclusion, reflect on the overall experience and how it impacts your
future plans.
4.) Committee Presentation – 20% of grade
A multi-disciplinary committee of teachers meets throughout the school year. For 2015-2016, November
17th, January 20th, and April 12th beginning at 3:15 are our established meeting dates. Ms. Peebles at schedules presentation time. Please be aware that you will need to submit your portfolio
and paper two weeks in advance of your presentation so that the committee can review all materials. Presenters
are welcome to use PowerPoint or any other media/technology but please make arrangements in advance. You
will have 8-10 minutes to share followed by 5 minutes for questions.
For your presentation, we will be looking for a brief overview and description of your flex credit. What
did you do? What were your personal goals? How was this a valuable learning experience? Who was your
mentor? What was their expertise? Where did your experience take place? You could describe a “typical” day
spent working on your flex experience. How did you begin your work? What happened throughout? Elaborate
on specific examples. Include an anecdote or story about your experience that stands out to you. Tell us about a
time where you ran into a personal problem/question and consulted with your mentor. Have you had an
opportunity to meet others with the same interest or expand your learning into other arenas? Conclude with some
final thoughts. What goals did you achieve? What was the single most worthwhile part of your flex credit
experience? If you could do this again, what would you change or do differently?
Credit Flexibility Hours Log
Make additional copies of this form as needed
Work/Activity Performed
Total Hours : ________
Log Verification: ____________________________________________
(Mentor’s signature)
Upper Arlington High School
1650 Ridgeview Road • Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221 • 614.487.5200 • 614.487.5238 (fax)
Credit Flexibility Mentor Evaluation Report
Credit Flexibility allows students to engage in educational experiences where the primary acquisition of knowledge and skills takes place
outside of Upper Arlington High School’s classroom. These opportunities may include but are not limited to: independent study,
performing groups, internships, community service, apprenticeship, work study and/or online courses. You have agreed to mentor a
student throughout their experience. Please complete the following form that will be part of the student’s final evaluation. You may use
additional paper or the back of this form if necessary. Your responses will not be shared with the student, they will be viewed only by
the Credit Flex coordinators and teacher committee. Please email directly to Heather Peebles at or mail to her
attention at address above.
Name: ______________________________________ Title/Position:________________________________
Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date:_______________________
Qualifying Credentials:_____________________________________________________________________
Name of Student: __________________________________
1.) Briefly describe your role as mentor for this experience. (How did you assist the student? What was asked of
you? How were your talents used?)
2.) Briefly describe how well the student followed the process for their experience. (Was the student reliable?
Did the student complete all required work asked of them? Was completion of work timely/within
3.) In your opinion, what were the student’s strengths as they relate to the experience?
4.) In your opinion, what were the student’s weaknesses as they relate to the experience?
5.) In your opinion, did the student meet the objectives they expressed to you when initially setting up their
educational experience?
6.) Please provide us with any final thoughts as they relate to your work with this student.