October 7, 2011

Parents, please remember when you are dropping your children off at the front door in the mornings, to do it curbside rather than in the parking lot. We just want everyone to be safe.

If you know anyone who is not receiving this newsletter, please have them contact Mr. Bieger with an email address.

We hope that everyone is going to Fall Break!

Important Dates

October 7 – End of first quarter

October 7 – 16 – Fall Break

October 19 – Report Card night

October 21 – Middle school dance

October 28 – Picture Retake Day

Mrs. Brockman’s and Mrs. Jones’ 8 th Grade Math Class

This week we reviewed our last test, “Thinking with Mathematical Models.” Students were given a chance to improve their test grade after remediating in class. The purpose of this retake was to offer students a chance to prove their understanding of the concepts and content taught in the first math unit for 8 th grade.

We began working out of a different book to emphasize how important the use of paper/pencil vs. a calculator, can be in the classroom. Student’s created tables with different ranges, as well as graphs with different windows. We compared our written graphs to our calculator graphs to see similarities and differences and possible advantages vs. disadvantages


Mrs. Swartzel’s Math Class

We had an extremely busy week in 7th grade math. Half of the class on Monday and Tuesday was devoted to the Gates Foundation Testing, while the remainder of time we were preparing for our unit test we took on Wednesday and Thursday for Variables and Patterns. We reviewed the test questions on Thursday and students were given the opportunity to better their grade with a take home test that was due at 8:00 a.m. on Friday morning. Students also received a list of missing assignments that are due on Monday, October 17th, the day we return from fall break, time was given in class on Friday to find and work on these assignments as well.

Our next unit is Stretching and Shrinking where we will be looking at polygons (shapes) in making them larger and smaller.

Mrs. Young and Ms. Hoffman 6 th Grade Math Class

This week, we have been working on equivalent fractions. Equivalent fractions represent the same amounts but look different. For example,





. Here is a picture to show this:

The shaded amount stays the same, but it is broken into more pieces. For more information on equivalent fractions, visit the Help With Fractions websites:

Mrs. Wright’s 6th Grade Class

We have been working with prefixes, suffixes, Central Idea, Context Clues, and text features. Life

Maps/Time Lines were discussed with students and the date that they are due is: Monday- October 17,

2011. Students are to make posters showing the important events in their lives. We are looking forward to Parent Report Card night on October 19th where students will have the opportunity to play a game similar to the Amazing Race! Enjoy your "Fall Break"!!

Mrs. Craven’s Class

Two units down, eighth grade! Only five more to go! We just did a fantastic job on our unit over allusions to mythology and other ancient stories. The book we just finished is rated at an eleventh grade reading level! It was a challenge, but with fantastic note taking skills and discussion, we made it through! We have also been able to add a few more links to our chain for Rachel's Challenge. Our goal is to get a chain to go all the way around the room before the end of the year! Let's all have a fantastic fall break and come back recharged and ready to start our unit on genres in literature!

Ms. Adkin’s Class

Thanks again for a great 9 weeks! We took the Unit 1 test on Information Text/Nonfiction today. When we come back from fall break, we will begin a unit on short stories. Have a great week off!

Ms. Ferguson’s Class

This week we finished our informational unit. Students read instructions and made flying machines. We also took a unit test. After break we will begin the personal narrative unit. Have a great break.

Ms. Justice’s, Ms. Edmondson’s and Mrs. Maxwell’s Classes

This week in 6 th grade, the students have been working on a study guide for their unit assessment on

Friday, October 7 th . After break, the 6 th grade will begin a unit on Mesopotamia, the Cradle of


This week the 7 th graders turned in their smart phone apps that they created about Ancient Egypt. For their apps, students had to create an icon, a main menu, and 4 possible screens in their apps.

This week in 8 th grade, the students participated in an assessment for the Bill and Melinda Gates Grant

Foundation. They will be assessed again in the spring. On Friday, October 7 th , 8 th graders took their first vocabulary test over the 42 words that were presented last week.

Mrs. Hoffman’s Class

Have a great and restful break everyone! When we get back we will be starting the next unit which is

Energy. This unit will include Kinetic and Potential Energy. There will be plenty of great and fun experiments to help us with these concepts, so get ready!

Mrs. Bowling’s 7


Grade Class

Science Fair Date January 12, 2012 Thursday

In the case of snow, it will be the first day we come back.

Students have been giving their rubrics for the science fair. Also, All 7 th and 8 th Grade Students have been given the handout on the 7 steps to perform a good science fair experiment.

Science Fair Afternoons

Every Tuesday afternoon from 315-430, Mrs. Bowling and Mrs. Aukerman will be available to help with the science fair project. Room 406

Students and Adults are both welcome

Mrs. Auckerman’s and Mrs. Bowling’s 8


grade Class

This week in 8 th grade science class we talked about the Science Fair scheduled for January 12 th

2012! We began a new unit on Biological Change with types of behavior which we will continue after break. Have a wonderful fall break!!!

Mrs. Wilshire’s Music Class

Middle School Specials

The 6th, 7th and 8th grades all completed biographies on Mozart this week. They have worked hard, too.

They have all researched information, written rough drafts, peer revised and composed final drafts as well.

6th Grade Topics

These students have been researching different careers in music and have made brochures to represent each. Remember that "Make Your Own Instrument" projects are due Monday, October 24.

Middle School Choir

These girls have become familiar with their Holiday Concert pieces, and will start rehearsing in full bloom after the break. Our pieces are:

Middle School Choir

These girls have become familiar with their Holiday Concert pieces, and will start rehearsing in full bloom after the break.

Our pieces are:

J'entends Le Moulin

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause

My Grown Up Christmas List

Santa Baby


Up on the Rooftop from Glee

Mrs. Lawrence’s Technology Class

Students completed their writing pieces this week in class. 6 creating shortcuts. 7 th th graders created Instructional Aides on

graders wrote cover letter to go along with their resume and 8 th graders wrote to a college of their choice requesting information. All classes also completed their final unit tests.

Mr. Brockman’s Health/PE Class

In Health this week students are finishing their published portfolio piece. 6th and 7th grade students are completing a persuasive paper over Tobacco Prevention, and 8th grade students are summarizing a

Drug Research Article .

Ms. O’s Library

Box tops, Campbell's labels, and Coke rewards- UNUSED would be wonderful. For every ten donated the kids will be placed in a drawing for December 9th.

Mr. Trenkamp’s Art Class

Middle School art students have completed their research papers. Art works created by students during the grading period will either be sent home or kept for display in the art exhibit during Arts and

Humanities night this spring.

Mrs. Samuel’s Band Class

The 6 th grade band and M.S. Band sight-read their second Christmas piece titled O’ Come All Ye Faithful arr. by Elliot Del Borgo. We have enjoyed sectionals in the sunshine/patio area this week.

Volunteer’s needed:

The math department has almost 3000 books that need to be stamped and numbered. If you are able to come in and volunteer to help with this, please contact Kerri Alexander.

We have not had anyone to volunteer for this project yet. Parents, please come in and help out the math teachers!

If you would like to volunteer in the middle school, or would like information about volunteer opportunities please contact:

Kerri Alexander

Parent Involvement Coordinator

(859)567-5860 x 3114