Vocabulary Flashcards

Vocabulary: English II CP
Your name must be written in permanent ink on the front cover and on the title page of your
Vocabulary Workshop text.
Procedures for our vocabulary study in this class:
Vocabulary quizzes will be every other week.
Week one, you will rank each of the twenty (20) words in the unit according to the following
- You will assign a 1, 2, or 3 to each new word:
(1) If you have no idea what it means;
(2) If you have heard of it but can’t explain it;
(3) If you can explain, clearly, what it means.
The first week you will create flashcards for five (5) of the words that you assigned “1”.
Requirements attached.
Flashcards will be collected on Fridays and graded.
The second week you will complete the three (3) pages of exercises in the Vocabulary
Workshop text.
o Choosing the Right Word
o Synonyms and Antonyms
o Complete the Sentence
Vocabulary Workshop exercises will be due, checked, and reviewed on the second
Friday, the day of the quiz.
Vocabulary homework is the one exception in my homework policy:
o I will not accept it the second day for partial credit;
o If you are absent, I will excuse you from the task (EXU in HomeLogic).
Quizzes will be on Fridays unless there is a conflict.
Unit tests may be given every three units.
Vocabulary Flashcards
1. Choose the words you ranked “1”.
2. Flashcard Requirements:
 Write the word (1 point)
Break the word up into pieces (brag – gart) (brag = to boast)
 Do something visual with it (1 points):
Draw symbols or images around the word
 Write a sentence using the word (1 point)
 Write the definition at the top of side B (1 point)
 Write the part of speech (1 point)
 Write the synonym that best enables you to remember the word (1 point)
 Write the antonym that best enables you to remember the word (1 point)
 Write a mnemonic to help you remember this word (2 points)
PEMDAS: parentheses; exponents; multiplication; division; addition; subtraction
“ I before E, except after C”
 Meritorious: merit means worthy of praise
 Write the meaning of the prefix or root word (from LearnThatWord.com) (1 point)
 As you study, continue to jot notes to help you remember
3. Keep adding notes, symbols, color to your cards - anything that makes you “process” or think about
the word and makes it stick in your mind.
4. Please spell the words correctly; they are right in front of you.
Reminder: Unit 1 Flashcards are due Friday, September 6th; Unit 1 Book Work is due Friday,
September 13th; Unit 1 quiz is Friday, September 13th
Side A
Learning loss is one example of summer decadence.
De – cadence
Side B
decline, decay, or deterioration; excessive self-indulgence
Synonym: downfall; decay
Antonym: ascent; morality
Root Words: DE is a Latin prefix meaning downwards
Mnemonic (memorization aid)
Eating too many Sour Patch kids is decadent and gives you tooth decay.