File - CARTHAGE Junior High Band!!!

All students participating in JH band will need to have a physical on file for this school year before they
will be able to do outdoor marching. In addition, a drug consent, and student/teacher communication
form will need to be turned in. All of these forms are available in the office. Get them in fast!!! 
Junior High Band 2015-16
What you need to know!
Mr. Bennett
Supplies needed EVERYDAY for 7th and 8th grade band members:
PENCIL!!!- A must at every rehearsal.
FOLDER!!!- You will receive that next week
PAPER!!!- A few loose sheets should be kept in your folder at all times for bell work
INSTRUMENTS!!!- We will ultimately sound better if everyone has their instruments from day to
day. I know, kind of a “DUH!” moment  YOU WILL NOT NEED INSTRUMENTS UNTIL MONDAY!!!
BOOKS-7th grade should have Book 1 for Measures of Success. These books can be
purchased at Ernie Williamson’s in Joplin. If you are an incoming 7th grader, you should
already have Book 1 from previous band years. Percussionists WILL NOT need this book.
No book will be required for 8th grade band.
There is only one rule in the JH band room:
No food, drink, candy or GUM in the band room!!! 
*Daily points- 5 points a day for participation (this includes having your instrument, pencil, music
and an attitude conducive to good musicianship) as well as your preparation.
*Playing tests/quizzes- There will be announced playing tests throughout the year. Random
playing (pop) quizzes will occur as well; usually if adequate progress is not being seen (I’ll explain)
*Written tests/quizzes- same as the playing tests, except on paper.
*Required Concerts and Performances- 100 points; all you have to do is show up on time and
play your best.
*Extra credit- Opportunities will arise; I’ll let you know.
**Weekly Practice Sheets- These are 10 points each and can really help with tracking individual
improvement. They are to be turned in every Monday before 3:30. The band room will be open
from 7:35- 7:55 every Monday morning, so you can drop them off with your instrument. Please
have your Practice Sheets in hand when entering the school, this way teachers will not give
you flack for being in the building early! 
Put the sheet in the proper bin, put your instrument away, and continue to your final destination.
NO ONE is to be in the band room in the morning unless Mr. B is there and you have been
given permission by having your planner signed.
8th Grade Marching Band
All 8th grade band members will be issued a marching uniform. These will be kept at school and
used by the students free of charge. We were fortunate enough to receive all new uniforms a few
seasons ago and they look AWESOME!!! (Well, as awesome as a band uniform can look) We will
take care of fitting and tailoring in the first month of school.
The 8th grade Marching Band will be in black marching shoes. Sizing will take place during class.
These shoes can be purchased at any time in the next few weeks. Once we receive all payments, I
will order the shoes. The positive about purchasing them is the high school band uses the same
style, so they can (possibly) be used throughout your band career. $30.00
Make checks payable to Carthage Junior High (All checks made out to Junior High Band
related materials must include a social security number or birth date).
All 8th grade instrumentalists (this excludes percussion, color guard, and twirler) will need to
purchase black marching gloves for their uniforms. Sizing and ordering will take place during class.
Color Guard(8th Grade only)
Color guard will be issued a top for performance at the same time as the instrumentalists. Ladies
will need to purchase jazz pants that will be available at the JH.
Additional Materials
Every marching instrumentalist will need to purchase a music lyre. A lyre is essentially a tiny music
stand that fits on the students’ instrument while marching. Most lyres cost anywhere from $6-8.
This small piece of equipment is necessary for parade marching. Each student should take their
instrument to Ernie Williamson’s or Palen Music in Joplin and have a lyre fit for them. If
using a school owned instrument, this purchase can be made after school begins.
All students participating in JH band will need to have a physical on file for this school year before they
will be able to do outdoor marching. In addition, a drug consent, and student/teacher communication
form will need to be turned in. All of these forms are available in the office. Get them in fast!!! 
Common questions
1. “What do I do with my instrument in the morning?” Bring it by the band room when you
come in the building. Drop it off and head to your final destination. No morning hang outs in
the band room! 
2. “What happens if I forget my instrument?” First time offense, no worries; if it becomes an
issue we’ll discuss further actions.
3. “My bus driver won’t let me take my instrument home…HELP!” We can work something
out if getting your instrument home is an issue.
The Junior High ensembles have several performances this year. Other than the Honor Band
Auditions, all listed performances are required (unless otherwise noted) and part of the students’
overall grade. Please check and see if there are any conflicts and let us know as soon as possible in
case adjustments need to be made.
Fri, Oct 2- JH Night at HS Football game (7th and 8th grade band)
Sat, Oct 17- Maple Leaf Parade (8th grade marching band)
Tues, Dec 15- Combined JH/HS Christmas Concert (All JH and HS ensembles)
Fri, Jan 8- JH District Honor Band Auditions (optional for 7th and 8th)
Sat, Jan- 16- JH Honor Band rehearsals and performance
Fri, March 4- PSU Jazz Festival (8th grade jazz)
Sat, March 12- Marshfield JH Band Festival (8th grade band/7th and 8th solos and small ensembles)
Sat, April 16- PSU Mid America Music Festival (7th and 8th grade band)
Tues, May 3- Spring Concert (All JH ensembles)
We try to do a couple fundraisers throughout the year. We will let you know before a fundraiser
In closing
I’m looking forward to a great year of music with you. Come ready to work and focus hard every
day; you will be amazed at the results accomplished. If you ever need anything, anything, A-NYTHING my office door will always open for you.
LET US BE AWESOME!!!------------Mr. B