A Midsummer Night's Dream Story Overview Writing

Story Overview
Writing Prompt
Once Upon a Time…
The ceremony would be a
four day long festival and
all of Athens would
Meet Egeus…
Egeus is a nobleman, and the father
to …
This is Lysander.
This is Demetrius.
Lysander is the one that
Hermia loves.
Demetrius is in
love with Hermia.
Egeus wishes for
Hermia to marry
Demetrius but
Hermia is in love
with Lysander and
refuses to obey her
Egeus wishes full
penalty of the law to
fall on Hermia’s head
if she disobeys her
Theseus tells Hermia that she has until the
date of the wedding to make her decission
but, if she disobeys her father she could
face execution!
Hermia and
Lysander decided to
escape Athens and
run to the forest
and get married
Meet Helena.
Helena is in love
with Demetrius.
Helena tells Demetrius that
Hermia and Lysander are
going to the forest.
Demetrius follows his intended
lover, Hermia, into the woods.
Helena follows after Demetrius in
order to win his love.
In this same forest lives another group of characters.
This is Oberon.
Oberon is the
King of Fairies.
They have recently returned
from India to bless the
marriage of Theseus and
This is Titania.
Titania is
the Queen
of Fairies.
Our other characters in the forest are…
The Homespuns.
The Homespuns are a group of performers rehearsing a
play they hope to perform at the wedding.
This is Bottom, he is a member of the Homespuns.
This is Puck.
Puck is Oberon’s merry servant.
Puck was sent to find the magical flower .
The magic red flower’s juice can be placed on
the eyelids of a sleeping person and cause them
to fall in love with the first thing they see when
they wake up.
Oberon intends for Puck to use the flower on Titania in
an act of revenge.
Oberon order’s Puck to place the juice on the eyelids of Demetrius
because he was being cruel towards Helena.
Puck see’s Lysander, thinking that he is Demetrius. He places the
flowers juice on Lysander’s eyes.
When Lysander wakes up, the first person he see’s is Helena.
Lysander is now in love with Helena and abandons Hermia.
In an attempt to undo his mistake, Puck places
the flower’s juice on the eyelids of Demetrius.
Demetrius and Lysander are now both in love
with Helena
Hermia is so furious that she wants to fight Helena.
Puck misleads and confuses the young lovers until they are all seperated
in the forest.
When Titania awakens after being poisoned by the love potion, the first
creature she see’s is Bottom – who has been transformed into an ass by Puck.
Eventually Oberon falls asleep.
The young lovers also fall asleep.
Puck places the flower potion on the
eyelids of Oberon and Lysander and when
everyone awakens they are reunited with
their rightful lovers.
Bottom awakens from being poisoned and thinks that it was all a dream.
After awakening, Bottom is inspired to create a play based on love and
a dream. His play is then chosen for the wedding of Theseus and
After the play and the wedding, the young lovers go to
bed. All is restored back to normal in Athens and in the
The End
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Your Writing Prompt
Your Writing Assignment
Since you have already read A Midsummer Night’s Dream and
you have now seen a brief outline to jog your memory you
should have a pretty good idea about each character. Your job
is to pick one character we have learned about who you relate
to. In some way or another these characters have attributes
that you like or dislike. After you discuss who it was you
chose, please discuss why. What was it that intrigued you?
Can you think of a time when you acted similar to the way
they do in the story? This should be a 2 page paper, double
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