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Who Can Apply?
• All declared SIUE Theater and Dance
majors regardless of specialization.
• Having a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or
• Must be enrolled full time in spring
semester 2016.
What Do I Need to Apply?
1. On Line Application Form
2. Letter of Recommendation from Theater & Dance
Faculty Member
3. Unofficial Transcript
4. Letter of Application
5. Resume
6. Photo of Yourself
The On-Line Application Form
The On-Line Application Form is available
at the FOTAD Website:
The Letter of Faculty Recommendation
•Ask a member of Department of Theater &
Dance to write a letter of recommendation
•The Faculty Member should be from the
Theater Specialization in which you are applying
(I.E: Professor in Acting for Acting Scholarship
•The Faculty member should be someone you
have worked with in a production, taught a class
you successfully completed, or has been a
mentor to you in your time of study
The Unofficial Transcript
•Your Unofficial Transcript is available
on your Cougar Net Account
•This is used to verify your status and
grade point average as well as
pertinent class completion information
The Letter to FOTAD
Letter must be one page maximum
Must be double spaced in Times New Roman 12 pt.
Should reflect the following:
• An overview of your study in Theater or Dance
• Your Specialization or areas of interest in Theater or
• Your individual skills, attributes that make you a
qualified candidate
• Your future goals
The Photo
This does not need to be a professional
This photo is meant to be used as a means of
identification for the Committee
Consider that this is a professional situation,
consider the appropriateness of photo when
submitting to the Committee
The Resume
There is no need to reinvent the wheel!
Use a resume that you have created in classes or use
the format that you have seen on past audition forms
or job applications
Your Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Past Experience (Current to Past)
Locations of Experience
Where Does this Information Go?
Email the materials directly to
Note: The Faculty Member must email your
Letter of Recommendation to the same address
What Happens Next?
•After all materials have been received from all
applicants, you will be contacted with an interview,
audition, or presentation appointment.
•At this appointment you will present your
monologue, dance piece, lesson plan, paper, or
portfolio of technical achievement
•Each appointment is 20 Minutes long, time for you
to present your material & the Committee to ask you
The Awards and Requirements
Alice Wiltz Merit Awards In Dance:
Two 1 ½ Minute Dance Piece and Interview
William Best Merit Awards In Theater Performance:
Monologue Presentation, Two 1 ½ Monologue Performance (one dramatic
and one comedic), and Interview
William Vilhauer Merit Awards In Design/Technical Theater:
Design/Technical Portfolio, 5-Minute Portfolio Presentation, and Interview
Theater History Literature Criticism Merit Awards:
Paper Submission Or Presentation of Research Topic and Interview
Lana Hagan Merit Awards In Theater Education: Teaching portfolio and
Interview. You Must Have Completed the First Section of Theater Teaching
Can I Apply for More Than One
You must be a specializing in the area in
which the award is intended as in the
examples: The Wiltz Award is intended for
Dance Specialists, The William Best for
Performance Specialists.
I Have More Questions!
Email Cheri Schuler-Faust
For specific questions regarding
your intended application.
Due Dates
The application Materials are due by
January 29st at 4 PM. There will be no
exceptions to this due date.
The Interviews and Auditions will be held
February 19 from 9 AM to 5 PM. You will be
assigned an appointment time immediately
upon receiving your materials. Please make
every effort to make this appointment before
requesting a change.
Checklist of Items Included:
__ FOTAD Merit Award Application Form (e-mailed to )
__ Faculty Recommendation Letter emailed by January 29 (faculty member should
emailed to
__ Current unofficial transcript (obtained through SIUE) (screen save emailed to
__ Letter to FOTAD (emailed to
__ Résumé (e-mailed to
__ Digital photo (can be cell phone photo) (e-mailed to
__ Design/Technical Theater Majors: Portfolio compiled and shown at interview with
FOTAD awards committee.
__ Theater Education Majors: Teaching portfolio compiled and shown at interview
with FOTAD awards committee.
__ Literature-History-Criticism Majors: Position Paper (must be submitted
electronically by Jan. 29, 2015) and present at interview with FOTAD awards
__ Dance Majors: Two 1½ minute dance pieces present at interview with FOTAD
awards committee.
__ Performance Majors: Two monologue presentations, 1 Dramatic and 1 Comedic, no
longer than 1½ minute present at interview with FOTAD awards committee.