ENGLISH 121 Requirements

Professor Dow
English 121
Office: 1037 N
Phone: 253-3187
Email: mdow@napavalley.edu
Office Hours: MTWTH 9:00—9:30AM and 11:30AM—Noon. I reply to email and
phone messages only during scheduled office hours.
One World of Literature. Edited by Lim and Spencer.
A Short Guide to Writing about Literature. Edited by Barnet.
English 121 introduces students to the study of literature by focusing on
genres: fiction, poetry, and drama. The content of the course honors diversity and
history by reading selections from a range of cultures and periods. The class
emphasizes enjoying literature through analysis and understanding. Students will
write 6,000 to 8,000 words of expository prose based on their reading. One essay will
require research. There will be in-class and out of class essays on fiction and on
poetry. There will be one essay on drama. There will be comprehensive tests at the
end of the fiction and poetry sections.
1. Upon completion students will be able to think, read, and write critically about a
variety of literary genres.
2. Write unified, coherent, well supported and grammatically correct documents
while demonstrating basic research skills and discipline appropriate styles such as
MLA. 3. Demonstrate through explication, interpretation, and analysis, knowledge
of the elements and principles that make up works of imaginative literature such as
fiction, poetry, or drama
Portfolio (Refer to Portfolio handout)
Essay assignments must be typed in MLA format.
It is the policy of this college that you can be dropped from a class if you miss more
than three hours of instruction (when the class meets three hours a week), no matter
what the reason. I take roll at the beginning of each class. If you are late it is your
responsibility to tell me (after class) so I will adjust my roster to show you as late
rather than absent. Please be in class on time.
The College Classroom is a formal setting that requires that we follow fundamental
rules of civility. Because I respect your desire for an education I request that you do
not participate in conduct that disrupts the educational process for yourself or
others, such as phone use in class, unnecessary talking, or going in and out of the
room during class. Each time you give in to distraction you undermine your ability
to focus and concentrate. This can affect your ability to succeed in your education
and can result in poor grades.
Please put your cell phones on silent mode during class. If you expect an urgent
message, please let me know before class.
Academic honesty is essential for education. Plagiarism and other forms of cheating
are a serious breach of academic honesty. If an essay contains plagiarized material,
it will receive a failing grade. If a student cheats on a test, they will fail the test.
Successive acts of cheating will result in failing the class.
If you have special needs be sure to get them documented by contacting the Office of
Special Services (DSPS) in the Library and Learning Resource Center (Room 1766),
phone (707) 256-7442, or by scheduling an appointment with the DSPS Counselor in
the Counseling Department (Bldg. 1300), phone (707) 256-7720.
I do not accept late papers (including research process steps). Missed tests cannot be
made up. Only students with disabilities documented by our college are allowed to
take tests in the Testing Center.