Online Tutoring Update West Los Angeles College

Online Tutoring Update
West Los Angeles College
 Online Writing Lab (OWL) – Winter 2007
Provide tutoring services to Online Students
Offer equivalent services as campus lab*
Online tutors are trained West LA College tutors
Funded by Title V – institutionalized by Winter 2008
 Etudes NG adopted as online CMS
Discussion Board, Live Chat, Assignments tools
Familiar to online students, cost effective, ADA compliant
 General Subject (GS) Tutoring Pilot – Summer 2008
Subjects tutored: Math – all levels, Economics, Psychology,
Sociology and Spanish
Etudes NG adopted CMS – Discussion Board by Subject,
Student Scheduled Chat and integrated Web 2.0 technologies
(whiteboard, audio, mobile devices)
Funded by Title V Cooperative
Demonstration : Twiddla audio-capable whiteboard
Demonstration: Sketchcast audio –recordable whiteboard
Others: Blackberry
Student Outcomes
 Enrollment in Online Tutoring programs growing steadily:
Spring 2009 – OWL
Spring 2009 - General Subject
143 students
85 students
 OWL students: range from ESL to English 101, 103
 General Subject requests: math pre-collegiate levels and
 Student satisfaction very high, citing very fast turn around
time and excellent tutors.
Student Success - OWL
Thank you so much for all of your help, feedback and
TEACHING me how to effectively use the English language
along with all its punctuations and varying definitions. I truly
appreciate all of you and the excellent service you are
First of all, thank you for your help last semester. I need to
thank my friend who had told me about this online class.
TUTOR SUSAN - thank you so much for helping me write and
getting me computer literate too so I can write!! I just learned
so much from this tutoring course and can't thank you enuf!!!!!
Student Success – General Subject (GS)
My name is …and this pass Winter Session 2009 was my first time taking online
classes. The two classes that I took online were Economics and Philosophy and
Mr.Enrique was my tutor. I felt like it was my responsibility as a student to let you
know how great of a tutor Mr. Enrique was and is.
I was truly struggling in my Philosophy class and I truly was not understanding the
material. If it wasn't for Mr. Enrique's promptness when I had a question I truly would
have been lost. Whenever I needed help he was always quick to respond.
Also, when ever I need a section broken down so that I could understand
it, he was always prompt at doing that. He is a great tutor and really cares
about the students that he tutors. I was so impressed at his tutoring
abilities that I signed up for the Spring 2009 tutoring session. Also, I
referred him to many other students that will be taking classes online.
Not only do I want to thank him for all his help, I would like to thank you for setting
this tutoring session up for online students to get help. I live in Atlanta, Georgia so
for me to get help it would be impossible. From the bottom of my heart I truly thank
you and Mr. Enrique for caring about the online students. Keep up the good work.
Program Conclusions
 Very high student satisfaction with program and student
 Steady growth in student interest and use of online tutoring
 Etudes NG reliable platform – students may demand use of
mobile technologies
 Instructor promotion of tutoring is most effective (on
campus and online)
 Online Tutoring programs easily institutionalized
WLAC Online Tutors
 Online Writing Lab (OWL)
 Susan Fong
 Cheryl Hayduk
 Susana Ramirez
 Joshua Flores
 Brenda Koffi
 General Subject Tutoring (GS)
 Enrique Reyes
 Felix Danishwara