Onboarding Checklist for Supervisors

June 2014
Onboarding Checklist for Supervisors
The following checklists provide a template that can be customized for the needs
of your particular campus or work unit. Feel free to add or remove information as
Checklist 1:
Checklist 2:
Checklist 3:
Checklist 4:
Before First Day on the Job
First Day
First Week
Weeks 2-4
If you have comments or suggestions for improving this checklist, please contact:
Talent Management, Onboarding Subcommittee
Human Resources, MnSCU System Office
Attn: Dee Anne Bonebright
Deeanne.bonebright@so.mnscu.edu / 651-201-1510
Supervisor Onboarding Checklist
Employee Name: _________________________________________________________
Position: _____________________________ Bargaining Unit: _____________________
Supervisor: ______________________________________________________________
Start Date: ______________________________________________________________
Orientation buddy or mentor (optional): ______________________________________
Section 1: Before First Day on the Job
Welcome message to new employee
 Send personal welcome message
 Provide maps, inform employee where/how to park on the first day, etc.
 Assign office space or work area
 Provide office equipment and basic office supplies
 Arrange for access (employee ID, access card, keys)
 Arrange for parking
 Arrange for signage on door/cubicle
Information Technology
 Computer and software
 LAN (local area network)
 Telephone number
 Copier code
 All pertinent e-mail lists and/or listservs
 Staff directory
 Star ID
 Email
 ISRS security access
 SharePoint groups
 Any other program(s) that the employee will need special access to
Human Resources
 Schedule an orientation appointment with HR for morning of employee’s first day
 Inform safety office of new employee, for any needed training
Campus Community
 Arrange “resource buddy” for first day/week on the job
 Announce new hire
 Arrange for welcome reception
Section 2: First Day
The new employee’s supervisor is responsible for the new employee’s orientation on the first day of
work. The following items may be appropriate, depending on the person’s role and responsibilities.
 Office equipment (how to use phone, copier, etc.)
 Frequently asked questions (office directory, academic calendar, etc.)
 Email (email address, login instructions, system user guides, etc.)
 Keys and/or access cards
 Employee ID card
 Location of first aid kits
 Evacuation plan/emergency exits/fire drill protocol
Campus Community
 Introduction to resource buddy (if applicable)
 Introduction to immediate coworkers
 Tour of office space/immediate campus location (mail room, break room, etc.)
 Orientation to college/department/institution structure
First meeting with supervisor
 Orientation to the work unit (what we do, how it fits with the organization mission)
 Orientation to the job (what you will be doing, how it fits into the unit and organization mission)
 Key policies and work procedures
o Work hours, breaks, expectations of professional dress
o Equipment usage
 Ensure access and explain requirements for mandatory training
o Applicable safety training (listed on matrix)
o Employee Code of Conduct (online training)
o Public Jobs, Public Data (online training)
o Sexual Harassment Prevention (online training)
o Science of Supervision, if applicable
First meeting with HR
 Benefits and payroll information
 Etime and other immediate needs
Department/unit welcome packet
 Bios and contact information for immediate coworkers
 Campus map
 Links to useful web sites (office directory, academic calendar, campus intranet, etc.)
 Employee Handbook or guidebook
 Work unit policies (process for requesting leave, call-in expectations, dress standards, etc.)
Section 3: First Week
 Office equipment (how to use phone, copier, etc.)
 Frequently asked questions (office directory, academic calendar, etc.)
 Email (email address, login instructions, system user guides, etc.)
 Keys and/or access cards
 Employee ID card
Campus Community
 Tour of any remaining campus locations
 Introduction to appropriate campus resource people
 Review employee services (library, bookstore, tuition waiver, etc.)
 Introduction to MnSCU system
Second meeting with supervisor
Work expectations:
 Review specifics of position description, performance expectations, evaluation process
 Discuss probationary period and evaluation process
 Training and development opportunities: What do you need now? What do you need in the first
 Department protocol (how phone is answered, e-mail signatures, etc.)
 Time sheet procedures (how to use e-time)
 How to request vacation time
 Staffing levels needed in unit (if pertinent)
 Sick leave policies and call-in/notification procedures
 Overview of work processes (purchasing procedures, expense reimbursements, etc.
 Vehicle use policy and driver’s license check
 Introduce and/or reiterate data privacy and employee code of conduct rules
 Reminder about benefits election deadlines
Section 4: Weeks 2-4
Campus Community
 Networking with colleagues in other work units
 Introduction to local community (nearby restaurants, shopping, amenities)
 If college has more than one campus, arrange tour of the other campuses
 Overview of governing structure and bargaining units
Ongoing meetings with supervisor
Work expectations:
 Feedback on work expectations and activities
 Ask what additional information and/or training they need,
 get their feedback about how things are going
 What can I do (the supervisor) to help you be successful?
 Check-in regarding development opportunities
 Follow up on mandatory training
 Individual development planning (what do I need to do to pass probation?)
 Follow up regarding how their work fits into unit and campus work plans
 Reminder about Health and safety on the job: building evacuation procedures, what to do if
injured, etc.)
 Reminder about benefits election deadlines
Second meeting/check-in with HR (if necessary)
 Questions about benefits (did they log in to State of MN? Any questions/problems?)
 Reminder regarding retirement checklist