CLU3M Understanding Canadian Law
Legal Research Project
The following assignment will combine the various skills developed throughout the course as well as allow
students the opportunity to study specifically a legal topic of their own interest. This assignment will be an
individual assignment and will be weighted as 10% of your final mark.
Task breakdown:
Students will prepare an argumentative essay based on research regarding a current Canadian legal issue. The
overall goal is to provide a supported argument within the context of our justice system (how is the issue
currently being dealt with within our justice system).
1. Start by identifying a general area of interest (see topic list- the list is not an exhaustive list, if there is
another general area of interest then by all means choose it but please let me know first).
2. Narrow your topic down to specific questions or areas of investigation. You can only do this after you do
some preliminary research. As you are generally searching write down a few questions. For every piece of
information you come across of interest, word it in the form of a question. You should have about 4 or 5
3. Create one question to become your working investigative question.
4. Research. Using your investigative question as your guide, start amassing your research. For this
assignment you must have a minimum of 6 sources. 3 must be books/online journals (I can help you with
this). The other 3 can be any other type of source.
5. Prepare research notes. There is no format expected for your research notes however you must provide
your method of research to the teacher on the date requested (TBD). Your research notes must be in a
thematic order or topic order.
6. Once your research has been completed, you must create a thesis. Your thesis can only be created after
you have done your research and you can now accurately answer your investigative question.
7. Prepare your essay outline- briefly outline the development and organization of your essay. The structure
of the essay (with no paragraph expectations) should be: Introduction of topic, thesis statement, body
paragraphs (evidence provided here) and conclusion. The essay will not be longer than 1000 words.
8. Your finished product will include a properly formatted title page and bibliography and the essay will be
footnoted (I can help with this). Your font will be Times New Roman, size 12.
Due Date: Friday June 11- I will not be accepting electronic copies of this particular assignment. After 2:30 all
essays handed in after will receive a %5 reduction per weekday.
Please review the class website where a document will be posted which provides a sample essay in the
Chicago style format.
Possible Investigation Topics:
Marijuana (Legal/Decriminalize)
Any Rights Issues
Prostitution Laws
Domestic Violence
Aboriginals and the Law
Gun Control/Right
Sentencing Reform
Youth and Crime
Jury Reform
…and the list goes on.
There are scholarly books in the library about each of the above topics. The online journal access from the
library also will have access to many sources regarding the above topics. I will show you how to work with
June 1
InvestigationEssay- 143
Legal InvestigationEssay- 143
Legal Investigation143 Essay
Research Questions
Legal Investigation143 Essay
Investigative Question
Research Notes
Marriage/Family Law
Legal InvestigationEssay 143
Legal Investigation- Essay143- DUE
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