Site exists so configure appropriately View all site content Config

Site exists so configure appropriately
View all site content
Config settings list
Edit item
Update URL – configuration settings value to update the root level URL
Footer – legal and privacy link
add a link for that privacy statement
there will be multiple footers listed, clean up by deleting others
Site Actions/Manage Content and Structure
rename the site you just created from Publishing site to whatever applicable
go to site settings in order to edit the ‘title, description, and icon’ under ‘Look and Feel’
where the structure for the website is created
adding sites and pages to create the navigation
utilize the content mapping document
focus on first level pages that become sites
second level that remain as pages or need conversion to sites
adding site collection to the parent site – New /Site
o title and description
o url name – lowercase and what you want, ensure spaces are dashes – enables search
engines to work correctly (SEO strategy – search engine optimization)
o select a language – English is only option
o under Publishing style – choose Publishing Site
o default to pieces underneath – documents, images, pages, workflow tasks (for corporate
these items lived under that level of the hierarchy – changing for the Bus)
decision at this point to build in a particular way – do the framework and then go back and add detail
and content
Create another level site – same steps to add a new site – child level
Within the site there is a default page that acts as the landing page for that site
edit page settings
give it url, title, description
contact person for the page
add a page to create tabbed pages in addition to the default
add, title, description, url
choose page layout – based on the verbiage in SharePoint link back to the templates – for
instance, I = left rail with image
the hierarchy is created, now need to add the navigation
create the navigation -- left hand side
site actions, view all site content
global nav list
all items that are going to go on the left hand side
provide title, url, and summary
add new item if necessary
create the navigation -- top
site settings, navigation, look and feel
right hand side under global navigation, folders represent
add heading, title with asterisk, browse for the url and select the one that you want
note open link in new window – if not checked open new tab as opposed to new browser
add link – same process as title, find url for the page, create world wide links underneath
add the left hand side first and then the top in the order you want it
NOTE backend versus front end – allowance to see the hierarchy – two ways to do the same thing
Workflow tasks – automated reminder to do a manual task based on a business process
NOTE – ensure you are highlighted on site when you go to create something sub to it – ensures created
in the correct place
The web app is SharePoint – all site collections reside under here
The issue were the templates hardcoded to the corporate site collection versus the hr benefits