the Kindle

PR 3310
Principles of Public
Friday, 6/5/09
Class Objectives
 Lecture
Video: Corporate social responsibility
Introduce Paper 1
Note 1: IT still hasn’t given me access to WebCT or
Note 2: No final, last day of class (Thursday 6/25) is
Exam 2 (changes on schedule, syllabus)
 Homework assignment
 Re-read chapter 6
 Paper 1 due next Wednesday at 12:05 pm
What’s in the news today?
 The Amazon Kindle:
Pay attention to what newspaper sites are shown
Notice “free” access to Wikipedia
As a PR publicist, how can you use this aid a message about your
Uses e-paper, no current
Does not use a wi-fi connection, uses a cellular network (built
into the price of the devie)
 Because it is a new product in this field, the term “Kindle” is
being used similar to Kleenex, Rollerblades, Coke (Sony has a
similar product called the Reader- doesn’t have connection)
What’s in the news today?
 The Amazon Kindle Negatives
 Device is costly $400
 Illustrations in grayscale, no color (currently)
E Ink technology means that the screen takes a second to
refresh (it goes to black and essentially blinks) when you
turn a page
 Positives
Provides a new source of revenue for the newspaper industry
Through the Kindle, the Times costs $13.99 a month or $.75 an
issue, which may seem pricey to those who are used to viewing
the same content on the paper's Web site for free.
Negative though in that you’re only getting 1 “delivery” per day
(think “the morning news)…stocks quotes, sports scores, and
stories get “old” and you don’t get any breaking news
Easy to read b/c of no back lighting; can read in direct sunlight