Circulatory System

Circulatory System
Transports materials throughout the body in
the blood.
Made up of blood, the heart and blood vessels.
Red Blood Cells
Connective tissue made up of :
 Plasma
 fluid part of the blood (water, minerals, sugars,
 Red blood cells
 Supply your cells with oxygen. Made in bone
marrow. Hemoglobin: Oxygen carrying protein
 White blood cells
 Help you stay healthy by destroying germs and
clean wounds.
 Platelets - help form blood clots in a damaged area.
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Heart pumps oxygen-poor blood to the lungs and oxygen-rich
blood to the body.
The heart is made up of :
A left and right side
Atrium (an upper chamber)
Ventricle (a lower chamber)
Valves: prevent blood from going backwards.
Separate atrium and ventricles.
Blood Vessels
A blood vessels is a hollow tube that transports blood.
There are three type of blood vessels:
 Arteries - direct blood away from the heart.
 Veins - direct the blood back to the heart.
 Capillaries
Smallest blood vessel, one cell thick.
Substances can easily diffuse through capillary walls.
Circulation of Blood
Pulmonary Circulation:
The flow of blood between the heart and
the lungs.
Systemic Circulation:
The flow of blood between the heart and
the body.
The pulmonary and systemic circulations work together to transport materials between
the lungs, heart and body.
4. Oxygen-rich blood
returns to the left
atrium of the heart in
the pulmonary vein.
1. Oxygen-poor
blood from the body
returns to the right
atrium of the heart in
the vena cava.
2. Oxygen-poor blood is pumped
from the right atrium to the right
ventricle through a valve.
3. Oxygen-poor blood is pumped to the lungs in the pulmonary artery. Inside the lungs the
blood picks up oxygen.
5. Oxygen-rich blood
is pumped from the
left atrium to the left
ventricle through a
6. Oxygen-rich blood
is pumped from the
left ventricle to the
body in the aorta.
Your Heart
Pulmonary Veins
Vena Cava
Right Atrium
Right Ventricle
Pulmonary Artery
Left Atrium
Left Ventricle
right atrium
right ventricle
left ventricle
left atrium
Left lung
Right lung
Lower body
Upper body