PCA Paw Print Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 3

Providence Creek Academy Paw Print
February 2015
Volume 1, Issue 3
PCA’s Incoming Head of School
Welcome Mr. Esmond!
After a thorough search, the PCA Board of Directors has selected a new
Incoming Head of School. We would like to welcome Stephen Esmond to the
PCA family. Mr. Esmond will be transitioning to PCA from his current position
as Head of Middle School at Tatnall. He comes with 26 years of experience in
education and we are excited to have him. There will be various
opportunities throughout March and the rest of the school year to meet Mr.
Esmond or you can set up an appointment with him. His email is
Principal’s News
Mar. 13 – Robotics Comp.
Mar. 18 – 1st grade field
trip – Grand Opera House
Mar. 17 – Greens and
Jeans Day $3.00
Mar. 19 – TM2 Report
Cards Go Home
Mar. 20 – Dodgeball Upper
School @ 2:45pm
Mar. 21 – PTO Fundraiser
at Jake’s Wayback
Mar. 23 – 7th Grade Field
Trip National Constitution
Mar. 24 – Honor Roll
Mar. 24 – PTO Meeting
Mar. 24 – Board Meeting
Mar. 27 – 2nd and 3rd PBS
Field Trip to Christina
Skating Center
Mar. 29 – Easter
Mar. 31 – Kent County
Junior Band Festival
Apr. 2 – Upper School
Apr. 2 – Kindergarten Egg
Apr. 3-10 – Spring Break
Apr. 7-10 – Spring Break
After our last PTO meeting, I was asked to address the upcoming Smarter Balance
Assessments. I have been following the “opt out” blogs, meetings, and parent
suggestions locally and nationally. Based upon much of the media hype, I’d like to share
my perspective and the impact opting out could have on Providence Creek Academy.
As an educator for almost thirty years, I have experienced many changes during my
tenure. The pendulum swings back and forth regularly. During my time, one of the
constants has been assessments. When I was in school it was the fill in the bubbles of
the California Achievement Test. In Delaware most recently we have had DSTP, DCAS
and now SBAC. Each of these assessments has been touted as better than the previous.
I will remain neutral in this debate, but want parents to be aware of the impact their
decision could have on our school.
Our renewal application is due on September 1, 2015. As a Charter school, renewal
determines our existence for the next five years. During the process, the Performance
Frameworks are examined by the Charter School Accountability Committee. This
committee makes the recommendation for renewal to the State Board of Education and
Secretary Murphy. There are three parts to the Frameworks: Academic, Organizational,
and Financial. Over the last four years we have met the standard in all three areas with
the exception of Academic in year 10-11, and 13-14. For this reason, this year’s State
assessment is extremely important. PCA is required to have 95% participation in Smarter
Balanced for the 14-15 school year. If more than 5% of our students do not participate in
this assessment it will have a negative impact on our renewal. Our scores also need to
improve. Teachers and students are working hard to achieve this improvement.
Currently, students are not impacted by their individual scores. Scores are only used to
evaluate the school and teachers’ performance.
As a school, we do not have the authority to exempt students from participation. All
exemptions are approved by the Delaware Department of Education. If we receive opt
out notification from parents, we will forward them to the DOE. You will receive a letter
provided to us from the Department. I ask that you reflect on the impact an opt out
request will have on the continued existence of PCA prior to submission.
Mrs. Erschen
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7th Grade students in Miss
Roberts’ class wrote speeches on
"Failing shall not bring you down,
but shall bring you forward in life.
Now you may be afraid of failing.
You may be because your parents
will be disappointed or you will be
embarrassed. Failing can be a
good thing because you can learn
from your mistakes. Never be
afraid to fail because if you never
fail, you will never succeed..."
-Sarah Dizon
"We all fail, but most of us look at
failure as a bad thing. I dread
failure as much as the next person;
however, could it be possible that
failure is a good thing? Don't be
afraid to fail because after all,
nobody is perfect. Kids in school
often live in fear of failing. Living
up to high expectations can be
hard; parents approval can be hard
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Academic News
Service Learning:
Please help PCA’s enrichment class collect items to support Faithful Friends, a no-kill animal
shelter for dogs and cats, as part of our Service Learning Project.
Students have placed boxes in each building, asking for donations. We are hoping that you
please consider supporting our cause.
We urgently need:
* Cat and dog canned food (any brand)
* Dog and cat dry food and treats
* Cat litter
* Cat and dog toys that can be disinfected or laundered
* Nylon snap collars all sizes
* Dog beds
* Bleach
* Blue Dawn dishwashing soap
* Paper towels
On Friday, March 27 students are permitted to wear a shirt and/or pants with an animal
print on them. Cost is $3 to participate and will go towards Faithful Friends.
Spring Break Academy
Due to the recent snow days the Spring Break Academy letters were delayed in being sent.
Therefore, the deadline has been extended to March 18, 2015 for students who were invited
to sign up. Selection was based upon student STAR scores. The academy will run April 7-10
from 8:30am to 12:15pm. Transportation will be provided to hub stops in both Kent and
New Castle County. Students will be in groups of no more than 8 students and designed
based upon individual student need. If there are additional spots available we will open it up
to further students.
Smarter Balanced
Students in grades 3-8 are in the process of preparing for the Smarter Balanced test that is
coming up end of April – May. We are pleased with the growth that we have seen in our
students and their ability to explain their thinking. Please visit www.smarterbalanced.org for
more information about the test and to take a practice test.
Mrs. Moore
Director of Curriculum
to gain; therefore, failing is
something unaccepted. Reactions
to bad grades from parents can
also make a kid feel like they have
failed. In the end, we learn from
our mistakes and improve from our
failure. Without failure we
wouldn't learn or know what we're
doing wrong. Never be afraid to
fail; failure is the path to success.
If you believe in yourself, and try
your best, the recovery from
failure is easy."
-Charlese Carter
1st Graders in Ms.
Black’s class
celebrate the 100th
day of school by
dressing up as 100
year old people
Mrs. Pawlikowski’s
3rd graders use
legos to compare
Students in Senora
Juchem’s enrichment
class completed a
food drive for their
service learning
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Nurse News
Over the Counter Medication: It is that time of year when over the counter pain relief is flying
out of the nurses office. Our office is on a tight budget and if it is possible we would greatly
appreciate a small donation from the below list. Generic brands are welcome and encouraged.
Thank you in advance, your donation enables us to keep students in school and parents at work.
Tylenol Child’s Liquid
Tylenol Jr.
Motrin Child’s Liquid
Motrin Jr.
Cellulose sponges for ice packs
Child’s cough and cold
Reminder: Our school policy for illness is that your child must be symptom free for 24
hours before returning to school.
Uniforms: If you have uniforms in these sizes your children have outgrown the nurse’s office
would love to have them.
 Boys shirts sizes 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 14.
 Boys pants sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and12-14.
 Girls and women’s shirts all sizes
 Girls pants size 0, 1, 3, and 5
Thank you,
Nurse Cindy and Nurse Laura
Athletic Discount Cards are now on sale!! We're currently running a buy one, get one free sale
on the cards ($40 value, for just $20!!). The cards include discounts to places such as McDonalds,
Arby’s, Main St. Market, Boston Market, Buffalo Wild Wings, Sports Zone, Xbos, and many, many
Listed below are the upcoming games and competitions. Please be sure to attend the State Final
Cheerleading Competition on Sunday March 8 at Smyrna High School our cheerleaders have
earned 1st place at four competitions this school year!
Mar. 23 – Baseball: Home vs. Smyrna Mar. 25 – Softball: Away vs. Sussex
Mar. 31: Baseball/Softball: Away vs. Georgetown Apr. 2: Baseball/Softball: Home vs. Mariner
Cheerleaders took
another 1st place win
on March 1.
Students in Mrs. Bloemker’s class
participate in activities for Dr.
Seuss’s birthday
PCA Cheerleaders. They are
Mr. Rice
Athletic Director
PCA Students Art Work Displayed:
On Friday, January 30th, the artwork of some of our PCA students was put on display for the "Evening of
the Arts" at the Community Education Building. This event was run through the Delaware Charter School
Network and showcased the artwork of over 150 students from charter schools across the state. Mrs.
Alexander selected pieces that showcase the high level of talent found here at PCA. The following
students had pieces on display:
Kenzie Martin, 5th grade Triadic Engraving; Deshawn Dixon, 2nd Grade Butterfly Symmetry; Mikenzie Mitchell, 6th
Grade Drawing from Observation; Cadence Delp, Overlapping Abstraction; Lauren Gregory, Kindergarten Color Mixed
Hands Tempera, Colored Paper, Crayon; Raven Gaeta, 7th Grade, Gesture Figure Drawings; Ella Wharry, 2nd Grade Life
of a Caterpillar Colored Paper; Taylor Watson, 4th Grade, Huichol Lion Painting; Molly Carrow, 1st Grade Fall Tree
Textures Tempura Paint; Megan Anderson, 8th Grade Surreal One-Point Perspective; Misty Anderson, 8th Grade,
Proportional Grid Enlargement; Klarissa Rebarchak, 4th Grade Complimentary Symmetry; Sarah Dizon, 7th Grade
Realistic Hand Study; Ryley Dixon, 3rd Grade Day of the Dead Movement; Kelsie Webb, 7th Grade, Still-Life from 6th
grade; Lily Miller, 1st Grade, Ice Cream Culinary Design; Jordan Brewer, 3rd Grade, Landform Treasure Map; Emma
Edwards, Mark Lawrence, Garmai Crawford, Jayden Muigai, 2nd Grade Silly Collaboration; Reese Dixon, 3rd Grade, Day
of the Dead Movement; Josh Townsend, 5th Grade, Depth Mosaic
PCA’s Ballet Theater performed at
the Delaware Dance Festival. Two
of the dancers, Jordan Carter and
Sarah Marine earned scholarships
at this event as well.
Kent County Jr. Band Festival
On Tuesday, March 31st, PCA will be hosting the Kent County Jr Band Festival. This is an opportunity for the middle
school bands of Kent County to perform a few pieces and then receive critiques from experienced musicians who serve
as judges for the event. Mr. Hicks and Mrs. Hanson are in the process of preparing for this large event that will bring
students from all around the county to perform and are looking for help. If you are interested in helping out that night,
please contact either Mr. Hicks or Mrs. Hanson! This is a great night to show off our school to other music teachers as
well as introduce it to students who have never seen our campus. Please help us create a great musical experience for
all these students!
Zsanaia Badiang, Russell
Sands, Kevin Nyandemo,
Jasmine Harrison and Becca
Baker represented PCA in
All State Choir
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PCA Library Improvements
The library is undergoing some exciting improvements. New shelves now display class sets of books for each grade
level. Lexile levels for most books will soon be available. The plan is to color code the spine of the books by genre
and Lexile level.
Providence Creek
273 W. Duck Creek Rd.
PO Box 265
Clayton, DE 19938
(302) 653-6276
(302) 653-7850
Students are learning how to find books in the library and we have six sections for the student’s enjoyment.
Picture Books –Grades K-5
Juvenile Fiction-Grades 1-4
Young Adult Fiction –Grades 3-8
Biographies – Grades 1-8
Non-Fiction- Grades 1-8
Reference section
There have been very generous donations by friends and parents of wonderful books which are greatly
appreciated. The PTO has also been terrific in providing books from the library wish list through the Scholastic
Book Fairs.
What the library needs:
* A set of World Book Encyclopedia’s in decent shape
*Biographies of scientists, current people and current sports figures
*Football and sports books
*Books on specific careers
Mrs. Gossman
School Closings, Delays and Notifications
As a reminder please register for School Notifications for closings, delays and early dismissals. In order to receive a text, phone
call, and/or email register at the Department of Education’s school notification system.
https://denotificationservices.bbcportal.com/ click sign me up and follow the steps.
Initial registration should be from a laptop or PC in order to identify Providence Creek Academy. If you need assistance contact
the main office.
You can also find notifications at the following locations.
WDSD FM (92.9)
WBOC Channel 2- Salisbury
WSTW FM (93.7)
WCAU Channel 10- Philadelphia
WDOV AM (1410)
WDEL AM (1150)
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Students in Mrs. Johnson’s 1st
grade class celebrated the
100th day of school by
dressing as 100 year old
Students in Mrs. Soistman’s
class complete an inference
puzzle in Reading class
Raven Gaeta, Colin Roy and
Dakota Gilpin participating in the
Robotics Competition