OPSEU research assistant offer letter template

Department of XX
Faculty of XX
Month day, year
First and Last Name
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. Name,
On behalf of Ryerson University I am pleased to offer you the position of term position of Research
Assistant in the School/Department of Name of School/Department at Ryerson University. This letter
records the basis on which the position is being offered.
1. Your appointment will take effect on Start Date. Your contract with the University expires on End
Date. You will report directly to Supervisor’s Name of the School/Department of Name of
2. You shall be expected to discharge the duties and responsibilities of the position as described in the
attached job description and as agreed upon between you and your supervisor. In summary, these are:
(insert position summary from JD or posting).
3. As a Research Assistant, your position is represented by the OPSEU bargaining unit, Article 14; an
electronic copy of the Collective Agreement can be found on the Human Resources website at
http://www.ryerson.ca/hr/policy/index.html. Please review your collective agreement for information
regarding vacation entitlement, sick leave, etc. All other terms and conditions of employment
including hours of work and performance and departmental standards and expectations, will be
discussed with you when you commence employment.
4. Your rate of pay is $XX.XX per hour. You will be paid on a bi-weekly deferred basis; your first
cheque will be available and/or deposited on First Pay Date. Please refer to the deadlines on the
website: http://www.ryerson.ca/hr/payroll/index.html for information on timesheet submission
deadlines and pay dates.
5. In order for the University to initiate your pay, you must log into my.ryerson.ca and please access the
University’s eHR portal, Employee Self Service, and provide us with your banking information in
order to facilitate direct payroll deposit into your bank account. Employee Self Service (ESS) is a fast
and convenient way for you to access your personal, payroll, and benefits information. A summary of
ESS is enclosed.
6. As an hourly employee, you are paid for actual hours worked. Your hours of work and work
schedule may be variable, however they should not exceed XX hours per week. You must report
your hours using my.ryerson.ca > eHR > Time Reporting and submit to Name of Supervisor for
authorization. For more information on eHR, please go to the website:
350 Victoria Street
Office: XXX
Toronto, ON, Canada M5B 2K3
t: 416.979.5000, ext. XXXX
f: 416.979.XXXX
7. You are entitled to an unpaid rest break if you work over five (5) consecutive hours. The timing and
length (not less than ½ hour) of such break is determined by your supervisor, as are your hours of
work. You are covered for all statutory government benefits, including E.I., C.P.P., and W.S.I.B.
8. As an employee of Ryerson University, your employment relationship will be governed by the terms
and conditions of this employment contract as well as policies and procedures of the University
including research policies. Copies of the relevant policies can be found at:
http://www.ryerson.ca/hr/policy/index.html and http://www.ryerson.ca/ors/policies. You should note
that the policies, rules and regulations may be subject to change, at the University’s discretion, and
such alterations and amendments shall automatically apply to you.
In particular, I draw your attention to the following:
Civility in the Workplace: Ryerson University is committed to fostering an atmosphere of
civility and mutual respect. Creating and maintaining a civil culture and environment is a shared
responsibility of all stakeholders in the Ryerson community. Each individual, irrespective of
affiliation, status or membership, has a responsibility to behave in a manner that sustains and
fosters a climate and reinforces the values and principles articulated in these guidelines.
Discrimination and Harassment Prevention: Ryerson University is committed to fostering a
collegial study and work milieu that is free of discrimination and harassment and one in which all
individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Every member of the Ryerson University
community has a right to equal treatment with respect to employment and with respect to the
receipt of education services and related services and facilities without discrimination or
harassment. Every member of the Ryerson University community is responsible for creating an
environment which is free of discrimination and harassment. Please refer to the Discrimination
and Harassment Prevention Policy for additional information.
Employment Equity: If you have not already done so, please take a moment to complete
Ryerson’s Employment Equity Self Identification Survey. The survey can be accessed online at
https://www.runner.hr.ryerson.ca/equitysurvey. This information provides a snapshot of the
composition of the University's workforce and allows the University to measure the progress
being made towards achieving a workforce that reflects the Canadian labour pool. According to
federal legislation, the Self Identification Survey must be returned.
Confidentiality: In the course of employment you may become privy to information or
documentation pertaining to confidential matters; or you may be involved in processes in which
confidential matters or incidents are discussed. You will be expected as part of your employment
contract to maintain this confidentiality and refrain from divulging any information which may
damage reputations or influence proceedings. As such you will be expected to refrain from
discussing or releasing such information in any form whatsoever except as required by University
policy or legal requirements. Enclosed, please find the Ryerson University Confidentiality
Agreement. You are obliged to review this documentation and return a signed copy for inclusion
in your employee file.
Environmental Health and Safety: The University recognizes that, integral to the attainment of
its mandate, is the assurance that every individual at Ryerson has the right to learn in a healthy
and safe environment and in turn, is expected to be actively involved in integrating the risk
management into all of their activities.
350 Victoria Street
Office: XXX
Toronto, ON, Canada M5B 2K3
t: 416.979.5000, ext. XXXX
f: 416.979.XXXX
Conflict of Interest: A conflict of interest occurs when personal interests interfere with the
independent judgment required by employees in order to perform their duties and responsibilities
in the interest of the University. A breach of a conflict of interest has the effect of eroding the
trust and confidence in the integrity of the University by the public, as well as the confidence and
trust necessary between the University and its employees. All employees have a legal duty of
faithfulness and honesty to the University.
9. As a condition of employment, you are required to complete the Accessibility for Ontarians with
Disabilities Act (AODA) Customer Service Standard eLearning training within two (2) weeks of your
appointment start date. To access the training modules, you will be required to login to
https://www.runner.hr.ryerson.ca/aoda using your Ryerson e-mail user id and password which will be
provided to you upon the commencement of your appointment. Should you have already completed
the training in light of a previous appointment at the University, you are not required to re-do the
training. Please print your Certificate of Completion (found at the end of the training modules) and
provide a copy to your manager within two (2) weeks of your appointment start date.
10. As a condition of employment, you are required to complete the Workplace Violence Prevention and
Response eLearning within two (2) weeks of your appointment start date. To access the modules, visit
www.ryerson.ca/workplaceviolence and click on eLearning. Log in using your my.Ryerson user ID
and password, which will be provided to you when you begin your appointment. Please print your
certificate and provide a copy to your manager within two (2) weeks of your appointment start date.
11. [If required] Upon assuming your responsibilities you will be required to obtain an Employee Photo
ID card from the One Card Office located in Jorgenson Hall, Lower Ground Level – JOR-02. An
authorization form, which you must take with you when you visit the One Card Office, will be
provided to you on your start date. The telephone number for the One Card Office is (416) 979-5000,
extension 7565.
12. You are required to complete both the federal and provincial Personal Tax Credits Return (TD1
forms) using eHR > Self-Service, if you have not previously completed these forms as a Ryerson
employee, or if you wish to change your existing claim amounts.
13. E-mail is the official format of communication at Ryerson. You are therefore required to activate a
Ryerson e-mail account upon starting your appointment. Once you receive your employee number
you can activate your online identity by visiting http://ryerson.ca/accounts. You are expected to
access and maintain your e-mail account on a regular basis.
14. Your employment may be terminated by either party providing notice to the other, in accordance with
the Employment Standards Act.
Please signify your acceptance of this position and its terms and conditions by signing this letter and
returning a copy to me.
I look forward to having you join the School/Department Name and hope that you find your experience
both rewarding and challenging.
Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have further questions,
350 Victoria Street
Office: XXX
Toronto, ON, Canada M5B 2K3
t: 416.979.5000, ext. XXXX
f: 416.979.XXXX
Cc: Chair/Director
By signing below, I accept the terms and conditions set out herein.
350 Victoria Street
Office: XXX
Toronto, ON, Canada M5B 2K3
t: 416.979.5000, ext. XXXX
f: 416.979.XXXX