Romeo and Juliet Unit Test Study Guide

Romeo and Juliet Unit Test Study Guide
What you should know:
ALL the characters in the play AND relationships (family ties, friendships, romances) among them
Important lines from major characters in the play
 You should be able to identify the speaker when provided with his/her quote(s).
ALL the events of the play AND the order in which they happened, especially these:
 Romances (requited and unrequited)
 Marriages (planned and completed)
 Murders/Deaths (real and fake - and their methods)
 Parties
 Fights
 Secrets/Secret Meetings
ANY literary terms related to Shakespearean Drama from your vocabulary list AND how to apply them to Romeo and
The setting and themes of the play
Shakespearean/Elizabethan language conventions (e.g. doth=does, naught=nothing, exeunt=exit)
ALL of the information from your Shakespeare Biography Quiz, including (but not limited to) the following:
 The full name (and correct spelling) of the playwright of Romeo and Juliet
 His birth and death dates
 The names of, his relationships with, and any unusual bequests to his family members
 His theatre’s name
 Monarchs of English during Shakespeare’s lifetime
 Stratford upon Avon, his hometown
 His writing habits
 Shakespearean theatre customs
 Shakespeare’s nickname
Studying tips:
Make the test you would give if you were the teacher; consider thoughtfully the questions you would include.
Connect dots between the things you’re learning. (For example, if you know that Benvolio is Romeo’s cousin, and you get a
quote on the test from a character asking that character’s nephew where that character’s son, Romeo, is, then you can use
what you know to figure out that Romeo’s father, Montague, is the speaker, even if you don’t recognize the quote.)
Use all available materials. (For example, study your Shakespeare Biography Quiz with corrected answers to help you on this
Think about which classmate said each line. We took several weeks to read the play aloud in parts; use those memories to help
you solidify characters in your mind, and to help you remember who said what.
Remember! Think back through the things Ms. Jeffcoat has emphasized in class by (1) bringing them up repeatedly, (2) making
a big deal about them, or (3) being super silly about them. Anytime we stopped to discuss or draw attention to something in
class, it was important!
Go hence, to have more study of these things;
Some questions shall be asked, and hopefully all answerèd:
For never was there an examination with more to know
Than this test on Juliet and her Romeo.